Are you a fan of excitement and fun? Do you want to spend quality time in one of the most famous tourist places in Indonesia? So you can try visiting the wonderful Gili Islands, which are located in the Southeast Asia region and enjoy stunning natural scenery. One of the most distinguishing features of the Gili Islands is that it is the least crowded of the islands and other tourist places, as it contains the most luxurious tourist hotels at very reasonable prices, so we will provide you Today a group of ways that enable you to enjoy the holiday in Gili Islands, and although there are no airports in Gili Islands, you can easily reach it using the small speed boats that are located in the coast of Bali, because the Gili Islands are located in the east of the island of Bali It is close to Bali and Lombok Island As for you, you can enjoy the holiday in the Gili Islands by doing many entertaining things along with the dazzling landscape that tourists enjoy, especially when enjoying sitting back and relaxing completely.

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Scuba diving and boating

Jelly Trawangan diving practiceIf you are a fan of diving and exploring the wonderful world of the seas in the clear waters of Gili Islands, we advise you to dive and enjoy a unique experience in the atmosphere of the world of seas and coral reefs, and it does not matter if you are a professional in this sport or from beginners as schools for scuba diving are spread for all adults and children. And you can rent all diving equipment at affordable prices to start your exciting journey in the wonderful world of the seas, as well as you can stay in a hotel near your favorite diving sport and enjoy the recreational activities that include fishing, diving and small boat rides. Great Aadh special and distinctive about their practice with family and friends, and the most important specialized in the islands it is Trawangan Island.

Visit the Turtle Sanctuary

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But if you are a pet lover, especially beautiful little turtles, we advise you to visit the turtle sanctuary, which is also on Trawangan Island. Tourists, especially children, come to visit the H1e attractive natural reserve in which turtles and young turtles are cared for from the moment the eggs are laid until more than six months have passed since their birth. You can also enjoy seeing the little turtles come out from the eggs and run in front of you on the beach, it will definitely be very amazing.

Learn to cook in Gili Islands

Image result for Jelly Cooking SchoolIf you are a fan of seafood and other famous delicacies, it will be fun for you when you try to attend cooking lessons that take place at the Culinary School on Gili Islands, a school that receives many tourists to teach them the origins of cooking, as it will teach you delicious cooking and the most delicious cuisine To find yourself learning to cook more than 10 delicious meals in just two hours, all in a loud atmosphere of great international music and oriental and western dance.

Relaxation and yoga lessons

Image result for Jelly Cooking School Certainly you want to enjoy spending a wonderful time on the beach and complete relaxation to obtain a sufficient degree of comfort and tranquility, you can do this easily without the need to visit the specialized centers in this field, only as soon as you go to these islands you will enjoy the best relaxation exercises, you can also enjoy doing An integrated massage session to eliminate all bone and back pain, not only that, but you can enjoy attending the famous yoga lessons that many prefer because of the wonderful benefits of the soul and the body, all of this is done by the most skilled professional trainers who do their work with precision and professionalism, as it is done These lessons, relaxation and meditation are in the most beautiful areas of Gili Island, with stunning views, open air and clear waters.

Visit the market in the evening

The experience of living on the beach cottages in Gili IslandsIf you are a fan of eating delicious foods and seafood, we advise you to visit the famous market in the evening, which many tourists go to taste the tastiest food at cheap prices, and the evening market is crowded due to the historical turnout in the evening to eat foods, especially grilled fish and meat, all of which you will find in small stalls Sells cooked food at great prices on Gili Island.

Horseback riding and biking

Image result for horse riding in my generationDue to the lack of cars and their prevention in the Gili Islands, you can enjoy the experience of alternative means such as horseback riding and cycling, and you can practice horseback riding and enjoy a unique experience while watching the wonderful sunset on the island and embark on an exciting and wonderful tourist tour on the soft beach sands and take memorial photos with friends and family. And also, you can rent bikes at the best prices and take a quick tour to get to know the island, its stunning views and amazing places, all in the charming and picturesque nature in order to inhale the fresh, clean air and spend a fun time. As we have seen there are many activities that you can enjoy the experience and certainly it will be a very enjoyable experience in which you will try new and distinctive things that you have not tried before and you will have an ideal opportunity for recreation and complete comfort to get rid of the pressures and concerns of life with the possibility of renting simple huts overlooking the most beautiful views and seating On a distinguished café and contemplating the charming nature of the soul and body, and here our journey on Gili Island has ended on the promise of other special trips that we will take you in order to enjoy the best times with family and friends.

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