The most important tourist places in Vienna

المسافرون العرب

Vienna City Hall

This building is considered as the municipal house of the city of Vienna, and also the seat of the government of the state of Vienna, and this building was built in 1880 AD in the Gothic style, to show the statue of the municipal man on the top of the tower, which represents a symbol of Vienna, and this building is now being restored and expected, and it is expected that It ends in 2023 AD.

Spanish Riding School

This school trains Libyan horses, which performs at the Winter Horse Riding School in Hofburg. The school calls these performances classical dressage. It has trained horses for more than four centuries, where 68 horse stallions, who are from Spain, have been trained in a riding school Winter horses in 1735 AD, horses and riders are specially trained for years.


Graben Street is one of the most famous streets in the center of Vienna, meaning the trench in the German language, and returns to a camp in the capital of Austria; Vienna was surrounded by walls around the city, with a trench beside it, and then this trench was filled and became one of the most inhabited streets in Vienna, and has The workers used to live in wooden houses, but it became a shopping place and a place to live for the rich, and is now considered as a shopping center in which many specialties such as: Viennese ceramics.

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St. Stephen’s Cathedral

This cathedral was a diocese in the twelfth century, and is now considered the Church of the Archbishop of the Catholic Community in Vienna, and ritual worship continues until the present time, despite its destruction in World War II, has been restored during seven years, and the cathedral is characterized by a high length, and that Covered by a ceiling of 230,000 pieces of glass, it contains eighteen church altars, and valuable artistic designs.

Burg Park

The park is now a park for families, when entering it, a memorial statue of the famous Austrian author Mozart can be seen, and the large glass palm house is located on the northern side of it, and to the left there is a butterfly house in which you can see tropical butterflies and bats, and its history dates back to being a royal garden that resembles a little England, where it was designed after the English gardens, was the garden of the Court of the Habsburg rulers, and Caesar France II was working there.

Ringstrasse Street

It is a five-kilometer road that wraps around the inner city of Vienna, and was built by Emperor Franz Joseph in the middle of the nineteenth century, and you can see the most important landmarks of Vienna on the sides of this road, such as: palaces, museums, and luxury homes, including the Opera House and the History Museum The natural, city hall, and Vienna Stock Exchange, where it was built with different architectural arts, and construction of this road began in 1865 AD.

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Belvedere complex

It is considered one of the most important historical monuments in Vienna, and dates back to the seventeenth century, built by Prince Eugene of Savoy France as a summer house, and consists of Baroque palaces, upper and lower Belvedere, stables, and orange nurseries, all of which are represented in a park in the style of the Baroque, and this complex was in the revolution French is a haven for French kings fleeing France, and this place looks beautiful, especially at night, and gives beautiful views of the city of Vienna.

Hundertwasser House

It is a building for residential apartments next to the Vienna Center in the Landstrasse region. Its construction was completed in 1985 AD, and this name was named after the developer of this idea, the Austrian artist Friedenstraich Hundertwasser in the twentieth century, and it is designed by the architect Karawina, and each apartment has a different color than the other And, the trees cover the ceilings of buildings and tree branches lying on the windows, and are a cultural heritage of the city of Vienna.

Schonbrunn Palace

This palace was built at the time of Emperor Leopold I, in the period from 1696 AD to 1712 AD, and Maria Theresa made it a summer imperial palace, and the palace contains many landmarks such as: the private garden, the oldest zoo in the world, a maze, gloriet, and a marble summer house It is located at an altitude of 60 meters.

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Other places in Vienna

There are other places to visit in Vienna:

  • Opera House.
  • Giant Ferris wheel.
  • Sea house.
  • Albertina.
  • Music Museum
  • Vienna Art House.
  • St. Charles Church.
  • Technology Museum.
  • Natural History Museum.
  • Hofburg Palace.

General information about Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is located in the northeastern corner of Austria, between the foothills of the Alps and the Carpathians, where the Danube River, one third of the ancestors of the Venetians came from Bohemia, one-fifth from Hungary, one-seventh from Poland, one-eight from the Balkan Peninsula, and part of Germany and Austria.

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