Hotels near the Great Mosque of Mecca at a reasonable and reasonable price is a topic presented to you by the Arab Travelers website to get to know the best hotels near the Great Mosque of Mecca and the features of each of them and the services provided to support your ability to make the most appropriate decision for you regarding your place of residence in Mecca to perform the rituals of Hajj or Umrah, or to perform your various actions With it, or to enjoy visiting it and visiting its various landmarks, the topic refers to a number of the most important hotels: the Hilton Makkah Hotel, the Jabal Omar Hotel, the Makkah Clock Tower Hotel, and the Swiss Hotel.

The best hotels near the Great Mosque of Mecca:

Hilton Makkah Hotel:

  • It is located in the center of Makkah.
  • Overlooks the Great Mosque of Mecca.
  • It takes a few minutes walk to reach the Grand Mosque.
  • Includes quiet rooms for guests.
  • The room includes a bed or two beds as desired.
  • The room includes large graphic windows.
  • The suites provide all the benefits of the rooms, in addition to enjoying many amenities and additional spaces.
  • The suites are available in three different areas: 80 square meters, 160 square meters, and 230 square meters (Royal Suite).
  • The hotel provides executive rooms for businessmen; it includes multiple additional features such as: providing a room on the upper floors, and facilitating access to the business lounge.
  • The hotel includes special rooms for people with special needs to provide them with various amenities.
  • Attached to the hotel are a number of important facilities; it includes 3 restaurants, a business center, a meeting room, and a private fitness center.

Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency Makkah:

  • It occupies a distinguished place in Makkah.
  • Moving from it to the Sacred Mosque requires an average of one minute’s walk.
  • It consists of two towers.
  • It includes 656 rooms and suites.
  • He belongs to several restaurants to satisfy different desires.
  • It has a tea lounge with family and friends.
  • It has a free 24-hour fitness center.
  • Provides airport transfers.
  • It has many distinct attachments like a limousine office, a shopping center, a business center with secretarial facilities, and parking.
  • It provides multiple services such as: dry cleaning services and a special program for children.
  • Rooms and suites range from 38 square meters to 190 square meters.
  • There is a distinct royal suite on the eighteenth floor.
  • The hotel includes a kids club equipped to accommodate girls from four to twelve years old, and boys from four to nine years old; it also receives children younger than four years old, provided there is an accompaniment.
  • The Children’s Club opening hours are from eleven in the morning until nine in the evening.

Makkah Clock Royal Tower Hotel:

  • Follow the Fairmont Hotel.
  • It belongs to the longest hotels in the world, as it consists of 76 floors.
  • One of the closest hotels to the Grand Mosque.
  • It includes 1650 rooms, suites and hotel apartments.
  • Its design is characterized by a mixture of originality and contemporary.
  • It includes a large number of various facilities such as: the mall, meeting rooms, the media hall, interpretation room, and health club.
  • It provides special services for businessmen like: computers, fax, printer, wireless internet.
  • The hotel check-in time starts at 5 PM, while the check-out time starts at 12 PM.
  • It provides services for organizing sightseeing, arranging travel and dinner reservations.
  • It provides laundry services throughout the entire day.
  • The hotel includes a large shopping complex.
  • The hotel has deposit boxes.
  • The hotel includes special rooms for people with special needs, as these rooms include special facilities such as: low-light switches, wide doors, the presence of bars to stick to in the bathroom, the presence of the sink in a low place, and the possibility of providing a bed attached to the stairs.

Swissotel Hotel:

  • It is part of the House Towers.
  • 5-star hotel.
  • It is near the Grand Mosque, and overlooks the Kaaba and the Grand Mosque completely.
  • Includes 1487 rooms and suites.
  • Its design is elegant.
  • It has two restaurants, a meeting room, a business center, and private entrances.
  • It has a private entrance to Ajyad Street.
  • Rooms and suites include a prayer rug, work chairs and fast wireless internet.
  • Each room is 38 square meters, while the suite is 64 square meters.
  • Phone: 966 (57) 812 8000.
  • Email: [email protected].
  • Address: Mecca, King Abdul Aziz Endowment, Ajyad Street.
  • There are rooms for children according to their age, including the room for children younger than five years, and another room for children aged six to twelve years; in addition to having special rooms for adolescents under seventeen years of age.

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