A guide for the most beautiful tourist places in Trabzon is advisable to visit, Trabzon is considered one of the most distinguished Turkish cities as it attracts large numbers of tourists from all over the world, due to its charming nature and beautiful climate, and Trabzon is one of the largest cities in the northern region located on the coast of the Black Sea And it is called the bride of the Turkish north, because of its beauty and splendor of unique nature, where there can explore many picturesque natural places that hide between its valleys, mountains, rivers and lakes, and Trabzon is characterized by being rich in cultural and social heritage, which made it one of the m The charming Turkish cities are also distinguished by the heritage of their historical heritage, the charming nature of their hearts, and here is more information for Arab travelers.

The most beautiful tourist places in Trabzon is recommended to visit:

  • Lake Uzungol:

It is one of the natural places that all lovers of charming nature intend to enjoy watching fish swim in the pure clear waters. This lake is located in the village of Uzungol which includes many high-rise mountains, next to its location near Uzungol Lake, and this lake is surrounded by a number of mountain heights and forests Dense and foggy, salmon is one of the most popular types of fish there.

  • Gulbhar Khatun Mosque:

It is considered one of the most prominent monuments in the city of Trabzon and the history of this mosque dates back to the year 1510, and this mosque is characterized by innovative Ottoman architecture, where the wonderful decoration and inscriptions, and intended for many children to receive religious lessons in it, this mosque is distinguished by its location away from the hustle and bustle of the city in terms of comfort and calm.

  • St. Anne’s Church:

It is considered one of the oldest churches in the city, and was built in the sixth century, but nowadays the doors of this church have been completely closed, and it is considered the best witness to the Byzantine past, and the church is distinguished by its wonderful internal decorations as it is decorated with many inscriptions and murals.

  • Trabzon Museum:

This museum is known as the Kostaki Palace. This museum is a typical house preserved from among the ethnic and archeological exhibits. This museum was built in the twentieth century by a rich Greek called Kostaki Teophylaktos. The museum is divided into several main sections, an archeology section that includes all the art pieces made of metals, ceramics, glass and basalt And marble dates back to the bronze period until the classical era, there is also an ethnographic section in which many items and Islamic works dating back to the 13th century other than the period of the Ottoman rule of Trabzon are displayed.

  • Trabzon castle:

It is located in the northwestern part of Turkey, and its history dates back to the Byzantine era, where it was built of stone and the castle is divided into three sections which are the lower section and it is called Osagi Hazar and the middle section and is known as the Ortahiza and the upper section and known as the name of Yukari Hisar, Trabzon Castle is characterized that most of its walls are not It is still strong and solid despite its ancient building dating back to the first century AD during the period of Romen rule.

  • Villa Ataturk:

It is considered one of the most beautiful and beautiful landmarks of Trabzon, where the unique Turkish design stands out, and this villa was built by Ataturk, the first president of Turkey, and this man was known for his keenness to restore freedoms and rights to the Turks, as he is very popular and the Turks love him, and the Ataturk Villa consists of Three floors next to what distinguishes it from the splendor of the interior decoration, as it is furnished with white marble, while the entrance to the villa is decorated with beautiful flowers.

  • Sumela Monastery:

This monastery was built in 386 AD, and it is located at an altitude of 1200 m, and it is considered one of the most important historical sites that have cultural and historical significance, this monastery is a wonderful historical marvel that tells about the Turkish heritage which is still lofty until the present time, it is a huge giant building characterized by splendor His looming colors.

  • Vasillon Monastery:

The Vasilon monastery was a place of worship for monks in an earlier period of history, and it is considered one of the first monasteries that were built in the Black Sea region, as it is no less important or grand than the Monastery of Sumela, this monastery is surrounded by a lot of magic and mystery that appears clear between its walls, due to the succession Many civilizations have experienced it throughout history.

  • La Bazin Plateau:

It is located on the borders of the region of Machka, where the height is above the surface of the sea about 2200, and the plateau is distinguished by its wonderful natural beauty where it is teeming with hundreds of flowers and covered with a green rug decorated with cheerful colors, and the plateau is surrounded by the amazing nature that is truly worth discovering.

  • Eugenius Church:

It was built by Eugenius, one of the most famous figures in the region during the thirteenth century AD, and the church still retains its structure to the present day, due to the solidity of the architectural design of the church.

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