It is known that the Red Sea is characterized by its picturesque recreational and distinctive diving sites, such as Ras Muhammed, SS Thistlegorm, Reef Elphinstone, the brothers, Reid Daedalus, Reef Johan, rocky island in Egypt and lesser known sites in Sudan such as Sanganeb, Abington, Angarosh and the Romen people. The Red Sea became a popular diving destination after the Hans Hasse campaigns in 1950, and later by Jacques Yves Cousteau. Popular tourist resorts in El Gouna include Hurghada, Safaga and Marsa Alam, on the western shore of the Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab and Taba and on the Egyptian side of Sinai, as well as Aqaba in Jordan and Palestine in the area known as the Red Sea Riviera.

The Red Sea is the preferred destination for diving and tourist safari, as it is one of the most popular destinations from the south of the Red Sea. Among the attractive tourist places in the Red Sea:

St. Anthony Monastery St. Anthony’s Monastery
The monastery of St. Anthony was founded by the devotees of Saint Anthony, the father of monasticism. This monastery is considered the oldest monastery in the world. The monastery is located below the cave where St. Anthony Monastery retreated to follow the austerity life of prayer and isolation. Today, the monastery is surrounded by thick, fortified walls, which were erected in the 10th century in order to defend the monks themselves against any attack from raiding Bedouins. Inside, there is a shaded palm tree with vast gardens that have spread among the Caramel tones of the muddy buildings where the monks live in the monastery. St. Anthony Monastery also features murals inside the church dating back to the 6th century – of St. Anthony. The interior is covered with colorful, lively and well-preserved frescoes by Coptic saints for their fame among the most fascinating examples of Egyptian Coptic Christian art.
Location: 254 km north of Hurghada

St. Paul’s Monastery St. Paul’s Monastery
The Saint Paul Monastery is much smaller than the Monastery of St. Anthony which honors the hermit St. Paul. The establishment of this monastery dates back to at least the 6th century by the lovers of St. Paul. The building of the monastery is characterized by the walls of the thick medieval castle, in addition to the elegance of the mud-brick buildings and the addition of the monastery with a distinct feeling of serenity.
Location: 241 km north of Hurghada

Al-Qusayr family is one of the attractive areas in the Red Sea, which focuses on the tranquility of calm in the Red Sea region. Al-Quseir is one of the cities dating back to the medieval period. Al-Quseir is characterized by its unique ability to preserve coral architecture with buildings characterized by attractive mashrabiya (poetic) colors, in addition to the views of windows and painted doors.
Location: 146 km south of Hurghada

Hurghada is one of the Egyptian governorates characterized by the presence of the oldest resorts, which are characterized by wonderful diving sites far from the beach. Once a small Bedouin settlement, it turned out to be the bustling city that stretches across the Red Sea coast. Thousands of European tourists come to Hurghada to enjoy the sun during the winter.

El-Gouna El Gouna
El Gouna is located just north of Hurghada, El Gouna plays a special role for tourism lovers in the Red Sea with its focus on luxury complexes and resorts in living. There is a golf course, two moorings, and dozens of mid-range hotels that are fully equipped to offer water sports and sun soaked for relaxation and galore. El Gouna is also home to Egypt’s only open-air cinema (which offers films for free) and cultural cultural panorama. There is a copy of the Library of Alexandria located in Alexandria. El Gouna also offers a multimedia presentation of Egyptian history.
Location: 30 kilometers north of Hurghada
Official site:

Marsa Alam
Marsa Alam region is a tourist resort located in the far south of Egypt, and extends to the lower region in the isolated south of the country. Marsa Alam is known for its spas on its coast. Passengers can spend a special holiday while enjoying calm, peace and diving. There are famous diving sites in Egypt that are classified by experienced divers and some of the highest divers in the world.
Location: 284 km south of Hurghada

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