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It is the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and it is one of the federal republics located on the northern coast of the continent of South America, bordered on the western side by Colombia, on the southern side by Brazil, on the eastern side by Guyana, and on the northwestern side by the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

The country has an area of ​​936,445 square kilometers, and its population exceeds 33.22 million people. The country is confined to latitudes 0 ° and 13 ° to the north, and between longitudes 59 ° and 74 ° to the west.

Tourism in Venezuela

Tourism began in Venezuela in recent decades, due to the country’s distinguished geographical location, stunning natural scenery, and dynamic diversification of plants and wild animals. Tourism is one of the most important sectors on which the country depends on its economy, and one of the most famous tourist sites in it is :

Isla de Kochi (Kochi Island)

It is one of the three islands that make up the Sparta region in Venezuela, located in the Caribbean Sea between Margarita Island and the mainland. The island has an area of ​​55 square kilometers, and contains many beaches, resorts, tourist services, and what attracts the visitor the most to its natural landscape.

Pico Bolivar

It is the highest mountain in Venezuela, as it reaches a height of 4978 meters, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is that the top of the mountain is covered with snow with three small glaciers, and the top of the mountain can be reached on foot, and it is considered a tourist destination for snow and ice games.

The university city of Caracas

It is the main campus of the Central University of Venezuela, designed by Venezuelan engineer Carlos Villanueva Raul, and the city is currently considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000 AD.

It contains forty buildings, where many artists contributed to placing many of their works in these buildings, and the most famous of these artists are; Hans Arb, Alexander Calder, Henry Lawrence, and Fernand Leger, and the most famous artworks are; Shepherd Cloud, Clouds, and Stained Glass.

Kanima National Park

It is one of the gardens located in the southeastern part of the country, and the park was established on June 12, 1962 AD, and is now the second largest park in the city, and the sixth largest park in the country, and 65% of it is made of rocky plateaus, and is characterized by the diversity of its unique biological environment, With many cliffs and waterfalls, Angel Falls is the most famous, with a height of more than a thousand meters.

Other parameters

The country contains a large series of various monuments, perhaps the most famous are:

  • Roraima Mountain.
  • Orinoco River.
  • Espejo peak.
  • Humboldt Peak.

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