The amusement park in Madrid, Madrid is the Spanish capital, the main city in Spain to attract visitors from all over the world, and is located in the fourth European city in terms of the number of tourists who come to it constantly, where the number of visitors in Madrid is about 6 million travelers annually, and this The number always expands every year in the perspective of underground and vintage galleries. The most important points recorded are spots of stimulation, especially carnivals. In this article we will review the most important entertainment photos in Madrid

Cabarets in Madrid:

Aqualandia Aquatic Park in Madrid:

Water Aquatica is one of the most important and famous amphibious carnivals in Madrid, with more than 1000 square meters of water sports and a private pool for children. Aqualandia is depicted in its own scheme, with a total area of ​​40,000 square meters, dedicated to giving an open space that enables guardians to see their young While playing in the water. It has a few principle parts, including a children’s pool, waterslides, surf boarding and beach zorbas. It is a destination for tourists from all over the world. It is a destination for everyone visiting beautiful Madrid.Aqualandia Aquatic ParkAqualandia Aquatic Theme Park in Madrid

Aquopolis Theme Park:

One of the most famous amusement and recreational cities in Madrid and Spain; Spain has only two branches in Madrid, out of seven in Spain.
AQUOPOLIS theme park is located
In Madrid, specifically in the east of the city, Umbals Aquatic begins in the summer only by definition in June of each year the end of the summer vacation
Featuring a wide variety of games due to the large area, Aquopolis is one of the most important and famous amusement parks in Madrid.Aquopolis Aquopolis theme parks in Madrid

Parque de atracciones:

Parque de atracciones is one of the most important clubs in Madrid. It is also visited by many tourists from all over the world. Everyone who visits Madrid visits parque de atracciones. The largest and main event gathering in Madrid is located in the city of Casaz Recreation into 20 hectares divided into five regions; including movies, play areas, pubs, and a place dedicated to water recreation and swimming pools.Parque de atraccionesParque de atracciones theme park in Madrid

Zipline Adventure:

A collection of good events that are not the same as other motivational urban communities in Madrid, provided for young people over 13 years old Medea is a tree and the transition from tree to tree depends on enthusiasm and energyThe city’s diverse plan and mix of gameplay has paid off to widespread acclaim and turned into non-guests Familiar grew up from many locations as it includes a bit of energy and knowing how to collaborate. Also, 5 zipline adventure parks are completely different from the rest of the parks in Madrid.Zipline Adventure Zipline adventure theme park in Madrid

Warner Bros Madrid in Madrid:

Finding south of Madrid, a few miles from the city and you can go through the setting, where you can take preparations from Atocha station to San Martin station, which is a prominent place among the most famous and most vibrant vacation places in Madrid and among the most urgent and most attractive urban areas that come With a large number of guests Day after Day Created in 16 years, especially in 2002 and named after the character toon known as Woodpecker The mecca entertainment game aims to isolation in all ages and keep running with all members of the family, adults and children. Isolated in five major territories, it fluctuates as evidenced by the reality and level of appropriateness of the young, for example, bargain setting and rockets. Theme parks are different in the most popular entertainment venues: Superman is the most interesting event event Warner Bros. is very suitable for admirers of the institution and testing, which is like Super Man, he flies over 100 kilometers per hour and spins more than eight laps in a position of more than fifty-five meters • Volleyball: This celebration is transformed very highly and extremely suitable for young children • Collision cars: conversion seen on a scale Wide due to hardness Its and the possibility of children moving adults to similar cars • A mini play area: a unique area for children, with toys and lights illuminated • The setting of death, which is a wonderful and interesting background for adults There are also many exercises provided by Warner Games City, and it offers offers and offers for children continuously. You can also Take pictures of you and your family with the famous Disney charactersThere are a lot of restaurants and shopping within the entertainment station.Dance Club operates every day from 11 am until 8 pm.Warner Bros. Madrid in MadridWarner Bros Madrid in Madrid Theme parks in Madrid

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