Nice is one of the most important tourist destinations in France, enjoying wonderful weather all year long, attracting this huge number of tourists all year round. You can head to one of the city’s amusement parks that suit all ages and tastes.

Nightclubs in Nice

Vesubia Mountain Park

One of the best amusement parks in Nice is not like the traditional amusement parks that you may be accustomed to, rather it is a closed amusement park where fun and excitement depend on mountain activities. The destination is suitable for all family members to spend an unforgettable fun time, activities and games there include climbing, boating, swimming and hiking Within the caves. As for boating, there are a group of courses and workshops that suit different ages and skills, each workshop has its own waterfall next to the slopes of up to three meters, which places it among the most prominent water parks in Nice. As for touring the caves there are five levels with corridors Done D for eighty meters, while climbing there are different levels for beginners and burners of different ages. As for swimming there are pools for young children, another pool for adults for massage and relaxation, and another pool pumped for older children and adults.Vesubia Mountain Park


One of the best amusement parks for children of all ages, and provides fun and joy for the whole family. It offers various games of roller wheels, amusement park, roller coaster, and collision vehicles. The amusement park includes a lot of food and beverage stalls, as well as a private space for picnics so it is located in the most prominent amusement parks in Nice. The park is closed from December to February, but it However, it opens its doors for Christmas celebrations. There are no entrance fees, but you pay for every game you want to ride.Koaland

Pitchoun Forest Theme Park

One of the best amusement parks for children as it allows them to explore nature in a fun and enjoyable way. Your visit begins with a tour of the jungle to get to know the trees and animals that exist, through professional guides who provide educational courses. After that, head to the mountain games and slides, and latches suitable for all ages, for beginners and professionals as well. It is better to reserve your place before heading where; On them during holidays and summer.Pitchoun Forest Theme Park

Riviera Nature Adventure Park

Another destination within the amusement parks in Nice, which enjoys a different enjoyment within nature and tall trees where; you find yourself hanging from a height of up to twelve meters between these trees amid this refreshing natural atmosphere. Visitors. There are also barbeque areas, and others for picnics, so they are among the most important amusement parks in Nice.Riviera Nature Adventure Park

Antibes Land Theme Park

One of the best amusement parks for children that opens its doors from April until September only, and includes a lot of games and fun sources within a huge space that suits this huge number of visitors, whether from inside or outside the country. The best water parks in Nice.There are also festive games, and a fun carnival make it a great place for birthdays and parties. Today, the Antibes theme park is the largest amusement park on the coast of France and therefore the best theme park in Nice.Antibes Land Theme Park

Le Bois des Lutins Theme Park

The best cabarets in Nice that take the natural style extending to an area of ​​up to two hectares, and provide fun games from climbing on the net or ropes with a height ranging from eleven to thirteen meters. Among the best nice clubs for children, the clubs are open every Wednesday at noon, as well as on weekends and national holidays.Le Bois des Lutins Theme Park

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