Tips that keep you safe on the go in Istanbul

Use pedestrian pathways, tunnels and bridges.
  • Do not cross the street except for pedestrian walkways, even if you see people crossing randomly, do not imitate them and abide by the traffic rules, as well as tunnels and bridges designated for pedestrians, it protects you from the risk of you being involved in a traffic accident that may take your life, as drivers in the city center always drive crazy.

Do not trust traffic lights!
Adherence to traffic lights is a good thing, but you do not have to go as soon as you see the signal for pedestrians become green, you must confirm that traffic stopped completely and then started, in every city there are some reckless ones who do not abide by the traffic rules.

Avoid theft

  • Just like any other Turkish person, keep your wallet in your pocket and do not show it to the public, avoid the hooligans and not show them that you are carrying the money, and try to keep your important things in a backpack.

Avoid unfamiliar alleys

  • Try to avoid getting into the streets and closed or deserted alleys even if they are shortening your way.

Does this make Istanbul unsafe?

  • Never, on the contrary, Istanbul is one of the safest cities in the world, but like any big city, just follow safety instructions and you will have a good time and an ideal trip.

Some of the tricks that taxi drivers use and how to avoid them
Taxi is considered a convenient means of transportation, but in Istanbul it is advised to avoid riding the taxi in crowded areas, it may take longer than other public transportation, and in the event that you have to ride the taxi, here are a set of tips that avoid you being exposed to fraud by some drivers who exploit the tourist because he does not know Good places and roads.

  • Make the road trip longer

Some taxi drivers intend to make your journey longer and head across highways on the pretext of avoiding crowding, and some of them may circle around the same place if your trip is short.
The solution:
If you do not know the way well and cannot speak the Turkish language, use the map software and direct them through it.

  • Paper currency exchange

Some fraudsters from the taxi drivers adopt a trick to exchange the currency while taking it from you, supposing that the counter was 15 pounds, then you give him a piece of the 50 pounds, and he hides it and shows a piece of category 5 pounds and asks you for 10 additional pounds because the counter was 15 you Here you did not pay attention to the piece that you took out, but you may be suspicious that you may have actually erred because you are not familiar with the currency, and in this way he has taken from you an amount of 60 pounds on a trip costing 15 pounds.
The solution:
Try to memorize the shape of the currency well, and check the category of the piece before giving it and assure the driver of the value more than once, as there is no habit of giving drivers a tip unless he has assisted you in loading and unloading your bags.

  • I don’t have a joke

Again, let us assume that the counter was 16 pounds and you handed him 20 pounds. The driver will look into his pockets a little and he will automatically tell you, unfortunately, I do not have the rest and he may come to you with one remaining lira and he tells you this is what I have.
The solution:
You have many solutions, if the amount is a few pounds, leave it to him no problem, or always keep the fruit always in your pocket and give him the amount written in the counter exactly as it is, and in case you do not have a jaw then stay sitting in the chair and ask him to go to the nearest store Or a place where you can exchange cash.

  • Do you want a taxi? come with me!

There are approximately 19,000 licensed taxis in Istanbul, and unfortunately there are a number similar to illegal taxis, of which unlicensed or may be a private car that operates the taxi service.
The solution:
Only use the official taxi, the color of the taxi in Istanbul is yellow and has a sign on it on the roof that has Taksi writing on it, it has a digital counter (the modern taxi, the meter is integrated with the driver’s mirror in the center), and there is writing on the taxi door confirming which area the taxi returns to (airport – hotel – The region in which it is located … etc.).

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