Chowpatty beach is one of the well-known public beaches near Marine Drive in the Gurgaon district of Mumbai, is considered one of the most important places of tourism in Mumbai
The beach is famous for being an outlet for Mumbai residents and a destination for tourists coming to tourism in India, where many aspects of life abound in simple vehicles that sell food and others.

Activities you can do in Chowpatty Beach

• Sit on the beach and enjoy watching the sea during the day when the beach is calm or enjoy a tour along the beach at sunset, where you can enjoy the atmosphere there and sunset.

Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai

• You can walk on the Corniche in Marine Drive or sit on the edge of it and enjoy watching the sea waves collide with the rocks on the beach, a great place to take memorial photos.

Marine Drive in Mumbai

• There are many restaurants overlooking the beach and the sea, you can choose one of them and eat a special meal of Indian cuisine and enjoy watching the sea in front of you.
• Visit the Tarapuriuwala Aquarium, close to the beach, where you can see the marine creatures displayed by the Aquarium, such as sharks and sea turtles, in addition to fish that live in fresh water.

Tarapuriwala Aquarium in Mumbai

Hotels near Chowpatty Beach

There are no good hotels near the beach, we advise you to stay in one of the best Mumbai hotels in the city center, and devote part of your day to visiting the beach

Chowpatty Beach website

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