Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong at all, located at the mouth of the Pearl River. It is considered one of the most beautiful places of tourism in China, where the enchanting blue waters surround the island from all sides in addition to its picturesque golden beaches that provide many activities that you will enjoy doing when you visit to Al Jazeera.
In addition, the island contains a large number of places of historical interest in addition to high mountain peaks with wide green areas.

Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China

The best activities on Hong Kong Lantau Island

Going to Lantau Island itself is a very exciting adventure where you need to take a cable or Ngong Ping 360 cable car for 25 minutes is the distance of the journey towards the island. On your way there you will see many landmarks of Lantau Island such as the giant Buddha statue and museum, and a monastery. Bo Lin, Ocean Park, as well as the main Hong Kong Disneyland theme park, make your journey inside the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car impenetrable.

The Lantau Island cable car in Hong Gong, China

• You can have a unique historical experience by visiting the Bo Lin Temple, a gorgeous colorful temple with red exterior walls and yellow roof tiles, in the main hall adorning the words dating back to Buddhist religion with forms of lotus flower, and three statues of Buddha in a sitting position, this temple is An architectural and religious masterpiece as it is one of the oldest temples and monasteries complexes in the country.

Lantau Island is one of the best places of tourism in Hong Kong, China

Latnau Village is one of the distinctive authentic villages in the fishing industry within Hong Kun Town. Salted dried fish, shrimp, shellfish, octopuses and other marine life are animals famous for their hunting and island making, and many prefer eating them.

Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China

• The island also contains many shops that sell distinctive clothes to the people of Hong Kong, in addition to a lot of antiques, statues and other souvenirs, you can shop and buy some things for your family members.

Lantau Island is one of the best tourist places in Hong Kong, China

Best hotels in Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Regal Airport is a Hong Kong 5-star hotel located in the north of Lantau Island, Hong Kong
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The hotel is rated very good and overall very good.
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Auberge Discovery Bay Hotel Hong Kong is a 4-star hotel in China located in the east of Lantau Island in Hong Kong
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The hotel got very good reviews for the services, location, cleanliness, staff.
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Lantau Island site in Hong Kong

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