Doi Inthanon National Park is a large park located on the highest mountain in Thailand and boasts many wonderful landscapes as it is characterized by diversity and finds waterfalls, streams, trees and plants, and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Chiang Mai.

Doi Antanan National Park, Chiang Mai

The garden extends over an area of ​​482 square kilometers and because of its high location, we find that the humidity is high and the weather is cold all year round, with an average daily temperature of about 10-12 degrees. The park was classified as one of the most beautiful tourist places in Thailand

The most important activities and landmarks in the park

• There are many natural parks within the national park, and it is necessary to walk around there to guide you in your journey to get to know the most beautiful areas and see the natural diversity of plants, streams, fields, and others.

Doi Antanan National Park Chengmei

Doi Antanon National Park includes many beautiful waterfalls, most of which are easily accessible by taking the main road path of the park.

Doi Antanan National Park, Chiang Mai

• Climbing to the top of Mount Doi Entanun, which provides scenes that capture the eyes, and it is a suitable location for watching some birds that live in high places like eagles.

Doi Antanan National Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand

• Camping on the top of the mountain where there are places that provide complete camping equipment, you can rent what you need there.

Doi Antanan National Park, Chiang Mai

• Take a tour on the raft made of bamboo, where the guide will accompany you on a distinct tour along the river, an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Doi Antanan National Park is one of the best places to visit in Chiang Mai

Doi Antanan National Park is about two hours away from the city of Chiangmai and requires her to allocate a full day at least, there are many places worth visiting, and you will need a car and a guide from the region.

Doi Antanon National Park Hotels – Corfu

There are no good hotels near the park, so we recommend staying in the Chiang Mai city center, about 2 hours.

Doi Antanon National Park website

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