1- Golf courses in Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta has many golf courses, although Merapi Golf Course is the most popular. The 18-hole course is a true masterpiece and designed by Thomson and Wolveridge & Perrett. Each hole is laid carefully and clearly differs. The golf course has been established in a quiet and secluded atmosphere and also offers wonderful views of Merapi.
Location: Merapi Golf and Mountains Resort

2- Masangin
Masangin or “passing between two tree trunks” is a simple but fun game. They are blindfolded and as you might have guessed, you must walk between two old trees. This challenge may seem easy, but most participants fail it. After the game, try local food at kiosks and small cafes near the north. Wedang Ronde (ginger syrup) recommended.
Place: Sir Sultan Palace, south of Alun-Alun Square.

3- Mountain Walk (Merapi Volcano)
Although Merapi (Mount of Fire) is an active volcano, trekking around it is a very popular activity among tourists. There are two starting points: one from Silo Village leads to the north facing and takes three hours to reach the top. This path is considered safe and suitable for all levels of hikers. Another starting point from Kaliurang takes up to six hours for hikers to reach the peak. The road is more dangerous because of volcanic material coming from below the mountain slopes. All climbers must contact the Area Information Center before heading. There is also evidence available.
Location: Selo and Kaliurang Village, both about 30 km north of downtown.

4- Barangretis Beach
Barangretes Beach is located on the south coast, surrounded by rocky hills. It offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean with high waves and steep mountains. The beach is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy the sun during the vacation. Horse and horse carriages are available for rent at negotiable prices. In addition to being popular for its beauty, Parangtritis Beach is also an important sacred place.
Location: Parangretis Beach, 35 km south of the city center.

5- Purawisata Theme Park
This children’s playground is located just one block from the Sri Sultan Palace. It offers a range of fun slides, amusement games, a banquet hall, delicious seafood restaurants, a café, art galleries and a live concert. All tastefully presented and overlook the garden in a modern village style environment. The main stage in Purawisata also features the famous Ramayana dance every evening at 8 pm.
Location: Jalan Prigen Katamso, City Center.

6- Rowing
Raise your adrenaline, spend a day in the river, surrounded by mountains and scenic views, as it presents some ultimate challenge. For beginners, head to the Elo River in Borobudur and recommend the Progo River as there are some rafters for more adventure. Rowing can be more exciting during the rainy season between November and April.
Location: Borobudur

7- Spa and massage in Yogyakarta
Whether it’s for beauty, peace of mind, or health benefits, Yogyakarta offers countless spas and treatments. Most of them are located in the city center, inside hotels or resorts. Pamper yourself with a spa spa and body treatments. The spa experience in Indonesia is famous for its dry and feet massages. This is the perfect way to calm your tired muscles after a long day visiting local attractions.

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