The Lyton Museum was the home of international artist Frederick Lord Lytton who lived in the Victorian era between 1830-1896 and is considered one of the most important buildings of the nineteenth century in the United Kingdom.
The museum includes an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures of the famous artist and some of his contemporaries, which are displayed inside the museum in a special style and distinctive way, in addition to the Arab hall, which is considered the most unusual feature in the museum.

The house was designed in the style of Palazzo Lazisa in Palermo, which dates back to the 17th century, and features stunning Turkish tiles and wood carvings on the windows that were made in Damascus, and also contains elements of the Victorian era, such as small and large gilded columns and inscribed in the form of birds.
In the center of the museum is an amazing fountain. In addition, the Arab Hall contains the golden dome and is adorned with damask mosaic works and exquisite and intricate Islamic drawings, where Lord Lytton is considered one of the most influenced by the ancient Damascene art at that time.

The upper floor contains a large collection of the finest paintings drawn by the artist on London and hung on the walls along with paintings of the Queen of Victoria, in addition to small sculptures and personal belongings of the artist displayed throughout the house, and his bedroom is located on the first floor of the museum.

The museum also includes stunning portraits of other contemporary artists such as Leyton Millet, Berne Jones, Watts, Sargent, and other modern paintings that depict the artist as a half-border by Lord Lytton to reflect his kind looks of visitors.

During the summer, the museum offers the opportunity to sit in the characteristic Victorian garden behind the museum, as well as a bookstore and memorial sculptures.

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