Alexandria is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Egypt and one of the most beautiful, as it is called the bride of the Mediterranean, and it is filled with dozens of historical and archeological sites dating back to different eras, including the Alexandria Lighthouse, which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Alexandria also includes many natural attractions such as the beaches along the Mediterranean coast, which are a great option for those who love to relax.

In this article, we present to you a wide range of accommodation options available in Alexandria, we will show you the best hotels in Alexandria in areas famous for its different categories as well as resorts and distinctive hotel apartments.

The best of Alexandria hotels in Raml Station

Best hotels in Alexandria, Raml Station

The Raml Station area is Alexandria’s most famous and oldest square, and it represents a piece of Europe found in Egypt, as it closely resembles many squares in European cities, as it is characterized by huge buildings designed in the ancient Florentine style.

Due to the location of the sand station on the white sea on the sea, it includes a group of the best high-end hotels in Alexandria, and we have collected these hotels and arranged them based on previous Arab guest reviews in this report, which we advise you to review … Read more

Alexandria hotels Raml Station

Alexandria hotels five stars

The best hotels of Alexandria 5 stars

Alexandria, the capital of beauty, contains the best luxury hotels in Egypt, among which are Alexandria 5-star hotels, which have their central location, high-end services, luxurious furniture, and wonderful views of their rooms on the sea.

We have dedicated this article to reduce you to the hassle of searching for the best five-star hotels in Alexandria, where we collected a large group of hotels in Alexandria of that category based on the assessments and opinions of Arab visitors … Read more

Alexandria 5 Stars hotels

Book hotels in Alexandria 4 stars

The best of Alexandria hotels 4 stars

The city of Alexandria embraces many high-end hotels, and 4-star hotels in Alexandria are no less important than their five-star hotels, in many respects, especially in the distinct services and good locations, but with less luxury than five-star hotels.

We recommend that you book 4-star Alexandria hotels for those looking for luxury and comfort at affordable prices. On this subject, we will introduce you to the best tried 4-star Alexandria hotels … read more

Alexandria 4 Stars hotels

The best hotels in Alexandria three stars

The best of Alexandria hotels 3 stars

The three-star Alexandria hotels represent the link between the economical Alexandria hotels and their luxury hotels, so they are suitable for those looking for excellent services and comfortable rooms at good prices taking into consideration the presence of some deficiencies that distinguish the higher categories.

We have dedicated this article to show you the best 3-star hotels in Alexandria, which have won approval from former and experienced Arab guests. We recommend that you check it out … Read more

The best Alexandria hotels 3 stars

The best recommended Alexandria resorts

Best resorts in Alexandria

There are also dozens of distinctive Alexandria hotels there are also dozens of luxury resorts for those who prefer the property to have additional facilities and services for a more enjoyable stay.

We collected for you the best resorts in Alexandria in one report based on previous Arab guest reviews to save you from the search and to avoid the resorts with substandard services .. Read more

Alexandria Resorts

The best hotels in Alexandria on the Corniche

The best hotels by the sea

Alexandria has a large number of hotels with charming views of the Mediterranean Sea, it has a long coastline teeming with dozens of well-known and distinguished international hotels.

In order to save you the hassle of searching, we collected the best hotels in Alexandria on the sea, which were recommended by Arab visitors who had previously lived there … Read more

Alexandria hotels by the sea

Best cheap Alexandria hotels

The cheapest hotels in Alexandria

Although there are very expensive and expensive hotels in Alexandria, they are not without cheap hotels that offer accommodations with good basic equipment, but with entertainment options and a lower level of service.

Dear visitors, we advise you to review our next report before proceeding to book cheap Alexandria hotels in order to save them the trouble of searching and guarantee them the best experience based on the reviews and opinions of previous guests .. Read more

The cheapest hotels in Alexandria

The best hotel apartments in Alexandria

The best hotel apartments in Alexandria

If you are not who prefer to book hotels in Alexandria and want wide spaces and multiple rooms, then you should not worry, as Alexandria also includes a large and distinct group of hotel apartments.

We have compiled the best hotel apartments in Alexandria based on a summary of the opinions and ratings of Arab visitors in this brief report, which we advise you to review … Read more

Serviced apartments in Alexandria

List of the best recommended hotels in Alexandria

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