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Abha is the bride of nature in its various colors, green mountains, extended plains, colorful heritage buildings, and a pleasant summer atmosphere that gives you many golden opportunities to visit a large number of the most beautiful heritage and natural areas, such as visiting the village of the brightest men, many popular markets, and the Dahna waterfall.


It is located in the Asir region on the Sarwat mountain range. It is characterized by nature and the density of vegetation, and the mild climate in summer. There are many archaeological sites in Al Namas, some dating back to the first centuries of the history of Islam. The temperature in Namass during the summer is a characteristic of moderation as it does not exceed 28 degrees Celsius in Normal days, due to its large sea surface height that reaches more than 2500 meters. In the winter, the temperature drops a lot, and sometimes reaches zero percent in the winter in abundance, and the fog covers them in whole or in part at most times of the year.


It is located in the Asir region on the Sarawat mountain chain, with many parks due to its charming nature, the city’s climate is moderate throughout the year due to its low location as it is surrounded by high mountains in every direction and direction. Abha city is about a hundred and ten kilometers away, and tourist groups come to it constantly.


An Arab tribe, and this tribe is located on the Sarat Al-Hajar mountain ranges that extend their country from the fertile slopes to the top of the main mountain range and the plateau behind it, famous for their generosity and courage in the war. There are waterfalls, eyes, valleys, plateaus, plains, valleys, and many other virgin nature that fill the eyes with their beauty and charm.

Fifa Mountains:

Viva Mountain, southwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, estimated to be about 7000 feet above sea level, FIFA is one of the most prominent tourist areas in the Kingdom. Whoever visits it once must repeat the experience, its pristine nature and the beauty of the scenery make it a fertile, green tourist spot covering and covering these high-rise mountains a beautiful place with its fresh air and the wonderful faces of tourism and nature in Viva: the Viva Mountains are all a tourist area.

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