Tourism in Bad Gastein

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Bad Gastein is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria, which has all the wonderful nature of charming and wonderful views, God has loved it from beauty, which makes it the first tourist destinations that visitors from all over the world enjoy, to enjoy its unique weather and adventure attractions.

Best hotels in Bad Gastein

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Tourism in Bad Gastein - Tourism in Bad Gastein

Suspension bridge

The Stubnerkogel suspension bridge in Bad Gastein Austria, which extends 140 meters between two mountains, is a breathtaking adventure while walking on this bridge marked by a transparent walkway that reveals to you how high you are 2200 meters above sea level.

Allowing you to see the picturesque nature and wonderful views of the charming village of Bad Gastein, this bridge takes you to one of the luxurious restaurants serving local and international delicacies.

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Justinier Museum

One of the city’s most famous museums and one of the most important tourist attractions in it, which must be visited while you are in this charming city, where you enjoy a unique location in the heart of the city and stunning views between the Alps.

The museum is also distinguished by its evidence of originality and fine art, as it contains throughout its collection of unique collections, artifacts, artworks and rare artifacts, which in turn tell the most beautiful story about the history of this ancient town that has gone through ages to add value and distinction.

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Wesser Falls Falls

Bad Gastein waterfall is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the city, and the most famous waterfalls of Austria, and is characterized by its wonderful location in the city center, so you can hear its sound and watch it from different parts of the city, the waterfall springs with hot spring water in three stages with a height of 340 meters in a spectacular view and cool air. The edge of the waterfall where the water flows.

And do not miss to take souvenir photos during your visit to this wonderful waterfall, you can have a delicious meal in one of the restaurants spread around the waterfall, and taste a cup of famous Austrian coffee in one of the cafes.

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Ski and ride lifts

The most attractive and popular Großkogel and Grookogel regions of this city are an open ski resort among the ice-capped Alps, which provide fun and fun for all family members, as well as ski equipment.

This ski area also includes a distinguished group of restaurants and cafes, and you can enjoy an amazing tour when riding a lift and seeing the charming sights of the city. In this wonderful place, you will enjoy many joys. Do not miss this exciting adventure.

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National Park

It is one of the most important tourist areas in Bad Gastein, which carries the full pleasure of all parts of the family, as it enjoys wonderful views between vast areas of delightful green color, high mountains, many places that raise within you the spirit of exploration, and allows camping, climbing, hiking .

The park also includes an exhibition of geological history that contains animals, plants, as well as rocks for the region, in addition to a documentary hall that shows a lot about the natural history of the city.

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Flying Waters

An exciting flying experience in the most touristy places in Bad Gastein attractive to tourists, especially those who love adventure adventures, to enjoy an amazing flight without risk, so feel your freedom as a bird where you are secured with a safety cable and start from the height of the mountain along the 300-meter line, so enjoy unparalleled views When passing through the green valley, the city center is rich with monuments and historical monuments, as you pass over the magnificent Bad Gastein waterfall.

Not only that, but there it offers skiing, biking, hiking, and climbing.

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Bad Gastein Monastery

It is considered one of the most important historical landmarks of Bad Gastein, whose construction dates back to the 19th century, but includes among its corridors historical treasures dating back to the early ages, including Gothic sculptures, rare paintings, and many unique collections that bear much of the history of this town.

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Observation platform

It is one of the largest, most distinctive and exciting tourist destinations in this totally wonderful village, which is located at a high altitude but is completely safe, which can be reached by crossing the suspension bridge to be the equivalent of your crossing and experiencing the experience, allowing its visitor the most beautiful panoramic view of the amazing nature as well as on Throughout the village and its wonderful sights, you can also go skiing in this wonderful area.

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Lake Justin Thermal

One of the most magnificent places of tourism in the city, you will enjoy a quiet swim in the arms of this wonderful lake, and enjoy your eyes with vivid paintings of natural beauty between the nature of the water that gives you many benefits, and the charming view when the colors of the sky overlap with the blue and the warmth of the water, and the surrounding mountains covered with grass Green, in an unbeatable look, you can also relax and take a break from this wonderful place.

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