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Tourist attractions in India

There are many factors that attract tourists to India, including the following:

  • The area of ​​India and its large size, as India is distinguished by its vast area, and its area exceeds the area of ​​the United States of America by a third, and it also has many wonderful sites in various parts of it.
  • Indian hospitality; the Indians consider that the guests are God’s guests, and that is why the guest receives a great honor and reception in the homes of the Indians, and the Indians are keen to satisfy their guests in various ways, there is no such thing as Indian hospitality.
  • Cultural difference: Indian cultures are varied, so that a visitor to this country finds it difficult to deal with the cultural shock that is there, and this culture will change the visitor for better or worse.
  • Yoga and meditation exercises; India is a great and great place to learn yoga and meditation exercises.
  • The history of Indian architecture; India is one of the wonderful and wonderful places that exist all over the world, as Indian architecture differs completely from other buildings.
  • Indian food and cuisine.
  • Indian markets; Indian markets are characterized as irresistible places, as each region of India specializes in handicrafts that draw the attention of visitors.

Tourist places in India

India is a country full of tourist places that cannot be mentioned, as there are many high-end big cities, towns, villages, picturesque beaches, festivals, galleries, fortresses, monasteries, lakes, mosques, palaces, museums, monuments, temples, and wild parks , Shopping malls, and many sites that have been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, but it is advisable to visit Taj Mahal, which is one of the major destinations in the world that cannot be missed, as is the case with the Himalayas, Goa beaches and churches.

Tourist tips

Indian tourists are advised to pay attention to the following tips:
  • Interest in wearing comfortable clothes, as the summer of India is very hot, and its winters are very cold.
  • Maintaining an English-Hindi dictionary. Although most Indians speak English, the inhabitants of northern India speak Hindi a lot. It is the second most spoken language.
  • Bargain during the shopping process, where local store dealers intend to charge exorbitant prices for shoppers, but the prices are equal for everyone in the showrooms.
  • Women stay in groups instead of walking alone, from the perspective of enhancing the safety of women.
  • Traveling on private taxis, or on tourist buses, it is advised to avoid local transportation because it is not safe.
  • Not to buy jewelry that is sold in several places from the beaches of Goa, and before the purchase process it is recommended to check the quality, and it is preferable to buy gems and jewelry from trusted places.

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