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Lake Kandy

This lake is one of the fun places that a visitor can spend a number of beautiful and distinctive hours wandering around, sitting in the seats spread there, and making a tour along the beautiful area surrounding the Temple of Teeth, and this lake is considered an artificial lake created by the last rulers of the Kingdom of Kandy, King Sri Wikrama in In the year 1807 AD, when this project received many objections from the local leaders, whom the king met with their objection to take action by killing them by executing them after they were tied to the pillars at the bottom of the lake, the central island is the part designated for the women of this ruler, which was used by a For the British later as a storehouse in order to conserve ammunition.

Temple of Buddha’s teeth

This temple is located in the city of Kandy, and it is characterized by the eastern architecture surrounding the sacred religious relics represented by the age of Buddha, where legend says that this tooth, which is a Buddha, was given to the Sri Lankan royal government during the ancient times, and many clerics in addition to many kings of this age were transferred Throughout the ages, they hidden it in many places, to be finally placed in a temple dedicated to it inside a golden stupa in a two-story shrine that worshipers could visit, and this shrine was destroyed several times due to the bombing during different wars, but it still retains its distinctive design consisting of Gold Hajj The moon t, surrounded by a group of Buddhist sculptures and offerings.

Orphaned elephants

Visitors to the Kandy can also head to this sanctuary to see hundreds of giant elephants roaming around in one area, and visitors can see orphaned elephants bathing in the river, and it will provide an opportunity for lucky visitors to feed some young elephants there.

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