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The Republic of Indonesia is a country located in Southeast Asia, and it shares land borders with Malaysia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea, and with Singapore and the Philippines with maritime boundaries represented by water straits. The country was distinguished by its contain of 17,508 islands with a total area of ​​1,919,440 square kilometers, while its population only reached 237,556,363 people according to the last statistic conducted in the year 2010 AD, and the Republic was classified as the fourth largest country in terms of population.

Traveling to Indonesia

Many people travel to Indonesia with the intention of enjoying its picturesque islands of exquisite aesthetic nature, that led to increasing the state’s income financially, and the travelers to it are divided into the following: The other section of travelers are foreigners who come to them from all over the world for the purpose of self-entertainment.

The most important thing that the traveler must do when thinking about increasing Indonesia is to take medical vaccines against malaria and fever as they are widespread in the region, and take all precautions and caution against mosquito bites, and when arriving to the state it is preferable to drink large quantities of water to protect from its hot sun.

The most beautiful places in Indonesia

Among the most beautiful places in Indonesia are the following:

  • Mount Bromoa: The mountain is 2329 meters above the ground, and it is very famous even though it is not the highest peak in Indonesia. The mountain contains an active volcanic crater, which causes it to explode from time to time, and thick white smoke emerges from it.
  • Bunaken area: The region is located in the north of the island of Sulawesi, and it is one of the areas that allows the visitor to dive and snorkel in its beaches, which makes the visitor enjoy the sport of diving and the wonderful scenery of fish.
  • Komodo national park: The park is located in the Sunda Islands, and the park contains the largest living reptiles in the whole world; there is a type of reptiles that reach a length of more than three meters, and weighs more than 70 kilograms, that made the garden a place visited by the tourist constantly to see and learn about those reptiles.
  • Bali island: The island has its rugged coasts, tropical beaches, rice and vegetable farms, in addition to a group of volcanic peaks, which made it distinguished by the various natural landscapes that attract travelers from all over the world.
  • Borobudur Temple: It is the most famous Buddhist temple around the world that was built in the eighth and ninth centuries as it took 75 years to build, and the temple attracts many visitors and tourists to it annually.

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