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Madagascar is one of the republics or island states, which is located on the Indian Ocean on the opposite side of the southeast coast of the continent of Africa, and was formerly called the “Malagasy Republic”, and it occupies the fourth rank in terms of the largest islands in the world. It contains (5%) of animal and plant species Available around the world, such as: fossa fossils, six species of baobabs, and lemurs, and there are many tourist and historical attractions and engineering buildings.

The climate in Madagascar

The Republic of Madagascar has a relatively tropical climate. The climate in its south is dry and the coastal areas are moderate. Although it is located in a tropical region, its presence on the Pacific Ocean has improved its climate, with temperatures in the northern coastal areas reaching approximately (27) degrees Celsius in Summer, and in the south, temperatures reach about (23) degrees, and in the highlands they are relatively less, as the heavy rains fall in the summer.

Tourist attractions in Madagascar

Tourist attractions in Madagascar:

  • Tropical jungle: It is one of the forests in Madagascar in the western side of it, and it contains lined trees with an attractive and wonderful view, in addition to many natural scenes there, and it is one of the most important tourist attractions in the region.
  • Island “Nosy B”: It is one of the small islands, which attracts many tourists and visitors to the region throughout the year, as it is distinguished by its turquoise waters, and there are international restaurants that offer meals on the sand, to enjoy the scenic views and eat meals at the same time.
  • “Tizenji de Pemarahah” Reserve: It is one of the largest natural reserves in the region, which contains charming and attractive views, the reserve is located near the western coast of the country, and there are many wild animals and plants, as well as a rare type of monkey, a lemur.
  • Isalo National Park or park: This park is located in the south-central side of the country, and is characterized by its steep valleys and pasture areas, sandstones and palm trees, in addition to some trips that are organized for several hours there to enjoy the scenic views of the garden.
  • Island “Sainte-Marie”: This island is located on the east coast of the country, and is found in many entertainment and recreation, such as: swimming, diving, and seeing whales inside the sea, and it is better to visit it during the fall and summer seasons.
  • Mint Sawa: It is one of the popular places for hiking, and there is the first artificial lake in the state, and it also contains forests of pine trees, and there is a house and the grave of the founder of this region, which is: Jean Lapord.

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