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Zell am See

Zell am See occupies a distinguished geographical location in Austria, due to its presence between the lake and the national park, and its distinguished location helped in attracting huge numbers of tourists to it from various parts of the world, in addition to the ancient history of the city, which dates back to the Middle Ages, and tourism flourishes in Zell am See throughout the year In the summer, nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts are welcomed, and in the winter, snowboarders are welcomed.

Tourist areas in Zell am See

Here are some sights in Zell am See:

  • Kastner Swelling Tower: It is considered the oldest historical building in the region, and its construction dates back to the twelfth century AD, and currently contains the historical museum and archives office, and the building consists of four floors containing more than 2,500 items belonging to the local heritage of traditional clothing, handcrafts and furniture, and is currently starting A project to develop the tower and its surroundings.
  • Grossglockner Road: Local residents and tourists resort to this road in the summer to enjoy the picturesque nature and vast green areas that surround it from both sides, and is considered the first destination for lovers of calm and seekers of adventure, and this road leads to the highest mountain peak in Austria.
  • High mountain reservoirs: These reservoirs are located in the tops of the Tauern Mountains at an altitude of up to two thousand meters above sea level. These natural water reservoirs appear in the form of two huge lakes surrounded by a group of green hills, and the visitor can also learn about the history and geography of the region by visiting the museum located there.
  • Lake Zell am See: There is a pedestrian road around the lake, and visitors can use this road to get to know the city and visit most of the places in it. They can also explore the lake from close by renting one of the boats on its banks and enjoying a quiet trip in the lake water.

Things to do in Zell am See

Among the things to do in Zell am See:
  • water sports: There are many water sports that can be practiced in the lake water during the summer, including swimming, boating, boating, rafting, diving and water skiing, and the warm waters of the lake, which settle at 21 degrees Celsius for most of the year, help in this.
  • Walking: Zell am See has more than 80 mountain passes all dedicated to hiking, and hobbyists can follow many paths and sub-roads paved, and explore the scenic nature of the city close-up, and to avoid the hardship of climbing high heights there is a cable car carrying pedestrians to and from high heights.
  • Ice skating: Snow is often covered in most of the Zell am See highlands in winter, which makes it suitable for snow skiing, especially at the high peaks of an existing iceberg, which reaches a height of 3 thousand centimeters with the accumulation of snow on it.

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