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Singapore is one of the best family tourist destinations in Asia, where there are a large number of places suitable for families, in addition to restaurants and beautiful tourist attractions, and its transportation system is clean and easy to use for visitors, and the beaches in Singapore may not be a good place to visit By tourists; however, there are many swimming pools in hotels and parks, families can visit the islands in them, such as: Lazaros Islands, St. John’s, and Pulau Aubin, and the tourist places in Singapore include:

  • By the Bay Park: Gardens by the Bay is an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of nature and wonderful plants, where people can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to this quiet garden, where there are large green areas designed attractive and beautiful.
  • Chinatown: Chinatown in Singapore is a model for the folk quarters of China. It contains small shops, popular Chinese food and bright red lanterns. In addition to the hustle and bustle in the area, Chinatown also has a Chinese Heritage Center that contains the distinctive Sri Mariamman Temple and Buddha Temple.
  • Little India and the Arab QuarterOne of the distinctive things in Singapore is that it contains various neighborhoods, where the Arab neighborhood and the Little India neighborhood in which the Indian community has lived for more than two hundred years, and the neighborhood is known for its beautiful colors, prosperity and movement activity in it; where parties are held in traditional holidays of India, and it is possible to Visitors visit the temples in the area and shop to buy traditional Indian clothing. As for the Arab neighborhood, there is the historic Sultan Mosque, which was built in 1825 AD, and non-Muslims are not allowed to pray in it. The mosque has a distinctive external structure and beautiful golden domes.


Denmark is a tourist destination suitable for families; specifically for those who have children, in Copenhagen there is a central theme park dating back to 1843 AD, in addition to many free music shows and fireworks that are launched in the evening, in addition to good food in Denmark restaurants, and you can also visit The landmarks in it, such as the group of statues that represent universal symbols, are located in the center of Gotland, and the number of these statues is 20 million pieces. Horse-riding fans can practice this hobby when visiting Denmark.

Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii is one of the suitable travel destinations for families, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in it, in addition to seeing many things such as green turtles, which are usually found in shallow waters, and restaurants scattered in the streets of Hawaii, and there are also many activities such as: Windsurfing, canoeing, diving, diving, hiking.


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