Tourism in Nice .. Nice is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in France because it is rich in picturesque natural and ancient history represented in its museums and buildings ..

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Tourism in Nice

Learn the climate and the best times to visit in Nice ..

Learn the climate and the best times to visit in Nice ..Know the climate and the best times to visit in Nice..Nice is distinguished by the Mediterranean climate, so you can visit it at any time, the climate is moderate and most days are clear. As for the rains, it will be in January, February, October and November, and the summer period from June to August is the most crowded place where parties and festivals are held. We advise you, dear tourist, to go to it in the month of May, where many festivals are organized, such as the May Festival for Folk Folk Dances, so that international artists flock to it to attend. As for the period from September to November, it is a good time to visit also where the temperatures are moderate. As for the winter in the period from November to March, it is not suitable for swimming, but tourists also go to it at this time to see the various sights and it is worth noting that Nice goes to about 4 million tourists annually. Read also: French countryside near Paris .. rural cities In France it looks like a fantasy

To you..the most beautiful sights in Nice..You can’t miss it …

To you..the most beautiful sights in Nice..You can't miss it ...
To you..the most beautiful sights in Nice..You can’t miss it … -Dear tourist, when you visit Nice, you must visit “Inglis” the most famous and beautiful park in Nice, overlooking the sea and extends for a distance of 7 km, was built in the eighteenth century when it was The British come to spend their vacations in Nice, there are many recreational facilities and games you can ski, snowboard, ride in the open air or relax on the beach and then you can have a meal in one of the restaurants in it and we assure you that you will spend the best times in it where long palm trees and sunlight The yellow and gravel that make up the beach and the Pure water and you can fish and do not miss watching the sunset with it as it mixes with the water so it is a charming view and you also cannot miss a cruise with one of the boats. – If you want to spend time for relaxation and relaxation, you should visit the park “Albert I”, which is one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in Nice, where it is filled with palm trees, water fountains and statues, and if you love music and celebrations, the garden provides you with that where it holds wonderful shows and concerts in the spring and summer.

The Collin de Château park is the most beautiful tourist attraction in Nice.

"Collin de Château" park is the most beautiful tourist attraction in Nice.The park “Collin de Château” .. the most beautiful tourist places in Nice..there is a hill overlooking the Mediterranean coast, it combines the charming nature of beautiful waterfalls, trees, vast green spaces and the history represented in the ruins of some ancient historical monuments is a garden worthy The visit also provides a wonderful view of the city and there are restaurants that you can have a meal with .– The Garden “Phoenix” is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city, as it consists of a garden for plants and a zoo so it is a suitable place especially for visiting families due to the presence of suitable places for children in them such as Al-Zahhali And others so that you can spend a full day of fun, when you visit it, wander through the plants section to see its rare species and also to get acquainted with the species that existed in previous times, then go to the section for animals to see kangaroos, river fox, turtles, leopard and other animals and you cannot miss sitting in front of the lake The industrial area in which to watch and feed pelicans includes the Museum of Asian Arts, then you can have a meal in one of the restaurants and do not forget to take souvenir photos, especially next to the fountain in the middle of the garden or in front of the waterfall at the lake, the garden starts to work from the hour Half-capacity in the morning until seven-thirty in the evening throughout the week, as for entry fees, it is 5 euros per person. Read also: Avignon … the city of Popes in France

Places you can’t miss in Nice

Places you can't miss in NicePlaces you can’t miss in Nice .. – Go to the port of “Nice” before sunset, where the atmosphere is romantic and fresh air, and go on a cruise with one of the beautiful yachts that dock then eat a meal of fresh seafood in one of the restaurants surrounding it. – If you A health-loving lover, visit one of the health resorts spread across the city, as it offers a high level of treatments globally. As for the archaeological sites, the most important of them is the “Al Masina Historical Square”, which must go to it because it reflects history where it was built in 1832 and we advise you to wander in its square To see his master building With its beautiful statues and fountains, such as the “fountain of the sun” fountain, at the same time the field is a place for shopping in the city center, where there are many shops that provide you with the best brands and the best products and also there are many restaurants that enable you to relax and have a delicious meal after a wonderful tour Then he drank a cup of tea or coffee in one of his cafes. Among the most famous museums of Bennis is the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, which includes a beautiful mix of ancient and contemporary art, which enables you to learn the steps of development in the arts through time. The Matisse Museum, which is a destination Tourist for art enthusiasts Wii on multiple artworks by artist Matisse who named the museum after his name and who lived in the city from 1918 to 1954 AD. It contains about 68 paintings, 218 drawings, 236 designs and 56 sculptures and holds temporary exhibitions and films and art conferences every year and the museum “Marc Chagall” “Who drives a collection of modern arts.” Garibaldi Square is one of the most beautiful squares of the city of Nice, where it was built in the eighteenth century AD There is a statue of Joseph Garibaldi in the middle of it, and there are a lot of cafes and restaurants. It provides restaurants, cafes and a “memorial”. For soldiers who fell in the First and Second World War as it includes the names of 3 thousand soldiers. – Dear tourist, we advise you to visit the “old city” because it is of a special nature when you wander through its narrow streets and cobbled alleys, you will feel that time has returned to you where the old squares, ancient buildings and daily life that clarify Tharaa Ness is rich in culture and ancient history, then after that you can have a meal at the local restaurants or buy some food from their markets.

To you … delicious food and the most beautiful restaurants in Nice ..

Here are the most delicious cuisine and the most beautiful restaurants in Nice .. Get to know them Here are the most delicious cuisine and the most beautiful restaurants in Nice .. Get to know the city contains a large number of international and local restaurants distinctive it suits all tastes and also budgets If you are a high-income person you can eat a meal in one of the high-end restaurants and if you are a middle-income person you can try eating dishes Locals such as boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, tuna and green beans, here are the best restaurants.- “Makassar” restaurant is near the Massena Square in the city center and is a small restaurant that provides light breakfasts and also various French dishes such as tartar sauce and cheese dishes with flavors Restaurant “Le Statoco” is characterized by its simple and comfortable decoration and offers many dishes such as burgers and salads, and if you love sweets, you should eat a meal in the restaurant “Melody Nice” as it specializes in French dishes and traditional sweets, the restaurant “L’Occonteclear” is characterized by its antique and artistic paintings Beautiful and calm atmosphere also offers you famous local cuisine and seafood, restaurant “Tote et Mamie” is located in the old city and is characterized by its simplicity and offers pancakes, crepe, pastries and cakes in addition to hot drinks such as hot chocolate and tea and restaurant “Chez Maître Pierre” it is the best restaurants that It offers pastries and baked goods with high quality and delicious taste and provides you with light snacks or large lunches as well as offers pastry dishes in addition to delicious coffee. Read also: The most beautiful places in France | Cities you should visit in France

Find out .. the best and most famous stores in Nice ..

Here are the best and most famous stores in Nice ..Here are the best and most famous stores in Nice..Nice owns many stores and malls to include the finest materials to suit all tastes and prices that suit all groups and here are the most important of these stores. Burton store in the city center provides wide clothes such as jackets, blouses, shirts in various colors and prices are appropriate The “Fnak” store includes many products such as electronic devices, books, music CDs, clothes and other products. The “Bossi” store that includes elegant clothes when you see them think they are expensive, but the truth is their prices are appropriate, even if you love to use perfumes with a beautiful smell. Then you should definitely visit distinctive “Jalemard Perfume” is a popular perfume shops Bennis due its inception to the eighteenth where it provides the needs of the nobility of the perfume century.

Tips you should know to spend a special trip in Nice.

Tips you should know to spend a special trip in Nice.Tips that you should know to spend a special trip in Nice .. – Dear tourist, do not rent a car to save more expenses especially that the city has a large network of public transportation from buses and trains where you can move easily. – Be aware that large stores can work. On Sunday, but the markets and small shops do not work on this day. – Don’t forget to buy souvenirs from handicraft shops and popular markets and take photos, especially in the old town .– Nice is connected to the Riviera coast by public transport, so it is necessary to visit the villages near them to get to know On life th Quiet countryside.

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