Tourism in North Korea

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North Korea

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or North Korea is located in East Asia, as it occupies the northern half of the Korean peninsula, and is bordered by the Amnok and Tumen rivers, and the State of China on the north and northwestern side, and Japan on the east, and South Korea on the south.
The climate in North Korea is characterized as continental, and the four seasons appear clearly. The summer is hot and humid, and a hurricane may break out in this season, while the winter is cold and cold, and the snow falls for long periods during the season, while the weather during the spring and autumn seasons is moderate. .

Tourism in North Korea

The terrain in North Korea varies between mountains and valleys, and the low hills constitute one-fifth of the entire area of ​​the republic, and rivers originate from different regions, and they pass through the Korean lands to flow in the end into the Yellow Sea, and these rivers are “Tai-dong” and “Chung Chen” And “Tumen”, as there are thousands of islands in the surrounding seas, among these islands Ka Island, Simni Island, Shaw Island, and mountain chains abound in North Korea. Mount Baektu-san is one of the highest mountain peaks that tourists come to visit.

The most important tourist areas in North Korea

Seoul city
The city of Seoul is one of the famous tourist cities in North Korea, and it is one of the stations where the tourist stands to enjoy the distinctive tourist sites in them such as:

  • Jeongbuk Palace: It is one of the royal palaces of the Jeunseon dynasty, and there are other four other palaces, but Jeongbuk Palace is the largest and most beautiful, and it was built in 1394 AD.
  • The National People’s Museum.
  • Korean Heritage Village: This village contains many traditional restaurants that denote the Korean heritage, so the tourists can live hours with the Korean heritage, and wear Korean traditional clothes, as there are shops that sell various traditional handicrafts such as pottery, paper, and copperware.
  • Insadong Street for Antiques: This street contains many traditional restaurants and cafes, and exhibitions of traditional fine art that display drawings and sculptures. This street is closed on Sundays for cars, which allows pedestrians to enjoy all that is presented.
  • De Militarized Zone (DMZ): It is a military area that can be visited. This region separates the two Koreas, and it contains a tunnel dug by North Korean soldiers to invade South Korea, and there is also the Military Museum.
  • Seoul Tower: This tower is located on Namsan Mountain, and overlooks the entire city. There is a restaurant, observatory, and telescope in the tower for panoramic observation and views.

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