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Shanghai is one of the most attractive Chinese cities for visitors among tourists and merchants, due to its transformation in a short period to the first economic, industrial and commercial center of China, after it was just a small city dependent on fishing, due to its proximity to the mouth of the Yangtze River, while the Arabic translation of the meaning of Shanghai is above the sea And what helped make it the most important tourist city in China. It contains a large number of skyscrapers, which number more than 4,500, and its most attractive areas for tourists are the following mentioned.

Tourist places in Shanghai

Band Street

The importance of Band Street in Shanghai shows that it is one of the most prestigious and important areas in East Asia during the first decades of the twentieth century, in order to distinguish it from others at that time, with its giant buildings built on the modern classic shape, in addition to a large spread of international banks, hotels and insurance offices In various corners of this street, thus providing a bright outlook for it.

Old town

It is distinctive in the architectural development witnessed by the city of Shanghai to maintain its popular, historical and archaeological landmarks, which dates back to the eleventh century, where tourists can enjoy visiting the old town and wandering its alleys and narrow streets, and learn about the simple life that prevailed in this town centuries ago. With the ability to roam freely in its popular markets scattered in most of its streets.

Yu Yuan Park

Yu Yuan Garden is located in the middle of the old town, and can be easily crossed through the Seven Transformations Bridge, which was constructed strangely over the lake located here, in order to prevent evil spirits from crossing the lake towards the park, according to the Chinese beliefs, while the park forms an amazing forest maze that includes a number Some of the roads, narrow paths, rock formations, and swamps in which various types of fish live.

Nanjing Street

Nanjing Street is famous for containing huge carvings of scarlet marble by the able Chinese President Jiang Zemin, and this street is also filled with visitors and roaming during the night hours significantly, which makes visiting and wandering at this time more enjoyable than visiting in the morning, where the lights and dazzling lights are distributed along its length Approximately 1200 m, and contains many shops with international brands and huge markets, which makes shopping in it fun and entertaining.

Shanghai Museum

The Shanghai Museum is the largest museum in the country, and it contains about 120,000 distinct masterpieces that express the unique Chinese art and great history of this country.

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