Taba is one of Egypt’s tourist cities that overlooks the borders of four countries, which gives it a unique tourist position. It also has many tourism attractions in Taba, between beaches with stunning views, where the turquoise waters, mountain ranges and plateaux hills that paint a wonderful art.

The best hotels in Taba

A distinctive elite group of high-end hotels included in the city of Taba, as it varies in its classifications, but all of them are characterized by providing the finest accommodations, the latest facilities, and the best services, in addition to the unique view of the city’s landmarks and its charming beaches, and below we will show a group of the best hotels in Taba according to the assessments of Arab visitors And their opinions .. Read more

Tourism in the city of Taba

The island of Pharaoh Taba

Among the finest tourist attractions in the city of Taba, with wonderful pictures that narrate the history of this ancient country, and what distinguishes it most is that it contains the ancient castle of Salah al-Din, which he established in 1171 AD, and was like a fortress with the aim of repelling the Crusaders ’raids, and to provide protection for the Egyptian pilgrim route through Sinai .. Read More


Zaman castle in Taba

One of the best landmarks of Taba, which sits on top of a desert hill between the cities of Taba and Nuweiba, and is considered a rare attraction of its kind, as it carries the character of the Middle Ages, and can be enjoyed inside on a tour like no other, and you can also practice diving, yoga, in addition to Various eating places .. Read more

Taba city with pictures

Taba Museum

One of the richest landmarks of Taba Egypt, which consists of three halls that includes a group consisting of more than 700 rare artifacts from unique collections that tell us the history of the lives of the people of South Sinai from the Pharaonic era to our modern age, you will find a lot of fun and knowledge during this tour Featured .. Read more

Tourist places in Taba, Egypt

The colorful valley of Taba

One of the most beautiful tourist sites in Taba, known as the colored groove or canyon, and is one of the natural wonders found in the Taba Reserve, it is a maze of sandy rocks colored with picturesque colors and reaches a height of approximately 40 meters.

This valley has acquired its name in relation to the beautiful shades and colors that are covered in sandy and limestone walls.

Tourist places in Taba

Fjord Bay in Taba

One of the most important tourist attractions in Taba, which is located 15 km to the south of the city, which is a wonderful diving spot surrounded by a natural bay full of coral reefs, you will enjoy a lot of enjoyment when watching many facets of the beauty and splendor of rare nature, from small glass fish swarms, silver fish Between the cilia of coral reefs.

Tourism in Taba

Taba Reserve

One of the most favorite places for tourists in Taba, which contains an amazing array of caves and mountain paths worth exploring, in addition to the wonderful valleys, and one of the most distinguishing features of this reserve is that it includes rare species of animals, and nearly 50 different species It is a rare bird, and 450 species of plants.

Taba tourist city

Taba Heights

One of the most prominent places of tourism in Taba, which is characterized by its view of the Red Sea, and its location near the port and the international airport, which made it a first-class entertainment area, where the Taba Heights contain many resorts, luxury tourist hotels, in addition to a diving center, shopping centers , And golf clubs.

Taba Egypt

Taba beaches

Among the most magnificent tourist attractions in Taba is the glistening group in this city full of nature’s beauty, Taba beaches are among the most attractive destinations for tourists, where they enjoy a warm weather most of the year, and are characterized by calm and tranquility, but as for the view, its beauty and splendor are not matched elsewhere, where it surrounds With its clean turquoise waters, the terrain and heights add to its splendor and splendor. These beaches also offer enjoyable safari trips.

Taba beaches

Red Sea Water World Taba

On an exciting adventure, enjoy the most vibrant and exciting places of tourism in Taba, between diving beside the wonderful coral reefs, delightful fish colors, or flying in the dazzling Taba sky and watching its amazing views, then landing quickly to the water to enjoy water skiing and surfing, and this diving center also allows Unique opportunities for diving training and to follow the wonderful underwater world.

Red Sea Water World Taba is one of the most important recreational places in Taba

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