Tetouan is a favorite of lovers of traditional architecture and culture, enjoying a charming ancient city that takes you to another historical party. As for nature lovers, this is a distinct destination with green spaces and picturesque beaches. The city stretches amid the Moroccan mountain countryside, surrounded by hills on all sides. And most famous for it: the small city of Chefchaouen, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Tourism in Tetouan, Morocco


The ancient city has preserved its authentic Andalusian spirit throughout the ages, placing it among the most important tourist attractions in Tetouan. You can discover all aspects of ancient historical architecture while you are wandering in. And you still retain its shape to this day, each path is full of rows of ancient buildings that are worth photographing, so don’t forget to bring your own camera to immortalize those moments. Medina Also read: Tourism in the city of Chefchaouen Morocco

Archaeological Museum

Archaeological museum exhibits offer a number of distinct pieces and monuments, which places it among the first destinations that should be visited when traveling to Tetouan. Among them is a piece of Romen mosaic called this ‘three blessings’ in addition to a number of monuments in northern Morocco that include; Prehistoric, coins, bronze works, pottery works. It also contains an amazing library, with over sixty thousand volumes that immortalize North African literature.

Souk District

A fun destination for one of the best places to visit in Tetouan, where you can socialize with locals and learn about their customs and traditions. Besides tasting a number of delicious traditional foods, it has many stalls, and one of its most prominent destinations is the Al-Fawqi Market; locals go to buy bread. You can find all sizes and shapes of fresh bread, provided directly from the oven. There is also a whale market, which provides many ceramic items alongside handmade jewelry. It is a place to buy some special souvenirs, at cheap prices compared to Marrakech and ax markets.
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Ville Nouvelle

Villa Nouvel is one of the popular tourist places in Tetouan, which means Arabic for the new city. It stretches in the middle of Mohammed V Street, which is next to Hassan II Palace, beside the Royal Palace and Al-Basha Mosque. Several cafes are located along the street. Locals go to meet friends, drink a cup of coffee or tea. You can act like one of them, and take a chair with a cup of Coffee to sit, watch passers-by and enjoy the city’s weather. It also has a church of Spanish Victoria, one of the most important places of tourism in Tetouan, where it has a distinctive designVille Nouvelle

Ethnography Museum

The Ethnography Museum is located within the walls of the Sultan Mawlai Abdul Rahman Fort, in Bab Al-Oklah. Founded in 1948 and one of the best places for tourism in Tetouan, visitors to the city know the culture of this country by displaying some special clothes for marriage ceremonies and daily life. It also contains the original gate for the walls of this fort.
You can climb the stairs to the roof of the building, to enjoy a picturesque view of all parts of the city. Read also: Tourist sites in Morocco for families


One of the best tourist attractions in Tetouan and the most beautiful Moroccan cities so you must devote a whole day to visit. This small city contains twenty mosques and mausoleums, so many believers and pilgrims visit it every year. They also enjoy its picturesque streets, which; each corner of it becomes a stunning panoramic picture. The city is predominantly blue and white in all its aspects, and is a favorite destination for many tourists from all over the world.Chefchaouen

Rif Mountains

The most beautiful places of tourism in Tetouan, which is located in the southeast. It is a paradise for hikers and cyclists. The area is full of green hills that you find around you wherever you look, as well as being a unique destination for bird watching and observation. It is located near Chefchaouen, so you can dedicate a side of your trip to both.Rif Mountains Read also: Tourism in Ifrane Morocco

Martil Martil

A fishing port and a wonderful coastal resort to visit when traveling to Tetouan. It is filled with tourists and locals between; July and August to enjoy the summer vacation. Martil is full of many restaurants that offer delicious dishes, in addition to modern beaches. The place is quite far from the traditional side of the city, which makes it one of the most prominent tourist places in Tetouan.Martil Martil

Cabo Negro Beach

It is one of the most important tourist places in Tetouan within the north of Morocco. It is an ideal destination if you want to relax and stay away from the hustle and bustle of tourist life. You can enjoy the nature and atmosphere of the wonderful place in an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. As for the period between July and August, the beach is filled with tourists, from all sides, it becomes always crowded.Cabo Negro Beach Read also: Tourism in Casablanca

Northeast Coastline

A final charming destination among the tourist places in Tetouan that you can head to by renting a car. The road trip alone is a special pleasure due to the amazing atmosphere, villages and beaches surrounding the road. You can enjoy a calm atmosphere there any time of the year, and swim a little. Then, head to the village of Al-Jabalah, just below the highway, where you can admire a magnificent landscape.Northeast Coastline

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