Popular markets in Casablanca .. fun and cheap shopping!

المسافرون العرب

The city of Casablanca or Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, and the popular markets in Casablanca are distinguished by the presence of the authentic Moroccan spirit. Therefore, if you travel to Morocco and want to get close to its people and cultures, you should definitely consider visiting its popular markets not just for shopping but also for tourism. The Arabs will help you get to know the most popular shopping places in Casablanca.

Popular markets in Casablanca:

1. Derb Ghallef:

The Darb Gulf market is considered one of the most important and well-known popular markets in all of Morocco and foreign and Arab tourists come to visit this market with a huge number annually. One of the most important reasons for the popularity of this market is that you can have everything you want at low prices, and discounts may reach more than 40% on most purchases And you can also find many used things, but most of them are devices such as phones and computers. The market is characterized by a chaotic atmosphere because it is always crowded, which gives the market some vitality, and if you do not prefer crowding, you can go to the market early. Address: Darb Gulf neighborhood, Casablanca, MoroccoPopular markets in Casablanca .. fun and cheap shopping - Popular markets in Casablanca .. fun and cheap shopping!Derb Ghallef Read also: Tourism in Tangier How to discover its charm?

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2. Derb Omar:

The Darb Omar market is located in the heart of the city of Casablanca and this market is considered the destination of all merchants from different cities of Morocco, this market appeared in the year 1920 AD as one of the most important Moroccan popular shopping markets. Although the Darb Omar market is old, it is still enjoying vitality with the crowds that come For buying and getting around on a daily basis, the Darb Omar market includes more than 2,300 commercial stores, and you will definitely find in them everything you want at competitive prices. But because of the market crowd, some officials decided to transfer some of the markets that are located in Darb Omar to what is called another commercial space to reduce crowding, but this did It is implemented until now, so it is best to visit the market in the morning to avoid it Alazdham.anoan: Casablanca city center near the passenger terminal, Casablanca1581207019 671 Popular markets in Casablanca .. fun and cheap shopping - Popular markets in Casablanca .. fun and cheap shopping!Derb Omar

3. The Sultan’s dreb:

Darb Al-Sultan Market (Caesarea) is one of the largest and oldest Moroccan markets, and the Darb Al-Sultan neighborhood has become famous because of its embrace of many Moroccan artists and athletes, such as: (Thuraya Jubran, Abdel-Azim El-Shennawi, Mohamed Tzouli, Abdel-Qader Motaa and of course we will not forget the world astronomer Maryam Shedid, who Proud of her birth in this neighborhood. Therefore, this market has become attracting many visitors to roam and buy everything they need at very reasonable prices. Address: Downtown, Casablanca1581207019 365 Popular markets in Casablanca .. fun and cheap shopping - Popular markets in Casablanca .. fun and cheap shopping!The Sultan’s dreb

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4. Bab Marrakesh:

One of the popular markets popular among tourists is the Marrakech market, which is located near the ancient city of Casablanca. The ancient city may not be the most beautiful Moroccan city, but its charm and goodness makes it the focus of attention of visitors from all over. Most tourists go to shopping in the Marrakech market, which includes all kinds of Precious collectibles, cheap and medium-priced, and to try popular Moroccan food. After shopping, go to visit the old city and see the history of ancient Morocco, the market is characterized by its authentic Moroccan character, and its loud and pleasant atmosphere in a mix between the voices of sellers and Moroccan music. The old city of Casablanca, Casablanca1581207019 814 Popular markets in Casablanca .. fun and cheap shopping - Popular markets in Casablanca .. fun and cheap shopping!Bab Marrakesh

5. Wholesale Market:

One of the most important and well-known popular markets in Casablanca, the market extends over an area of ​​30 hectares and this area includes many facilities, shops, and fruit and vegetable markets. The market is famous for cheap prices and the presence of some used products such as clothes and devices, so most Arab tourists go to this market to take advantage of these prices Address: Sidi Othman, Casablanca, Casablanca1581207019 537 Popular markets in Casablanca .. fun and cheap shopping - Popular markets in Casablanca .. fun and cheap shopping!wholesale market

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6. Caesarea, Al-Muhammadi District:

A popular shopping center is located in the Mohammedan neighborhood, which is one of the largest popular neighborhoods in Casablanca, and most tourists and locals head to Morocco to shop in Caesarea markets, and the most important thing that attracts them is that they can find tailors of men and women who have professional skills in the fashion and sewing industries and this is for those who He would prefer to design his outfit himself. Address: Casablanca, Morocco Read also: Learn about the best tourist destinations in the Maghreb

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