Tourism in the Cave of Turkey, the Cave of Bursa is one of the miracles of nature in the capital of the Ottoman Empire, which is the city of Bursa, which is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the city, which is visited by many tourists, and is considered the third largest cave in Turkey, and the history of this cave dates back to before 300 A million years ago, when it was formed by a very large earthquake, and the depth of the mountain extends about 655 meters by 140 degrees of stairs, as the rocks are formed in very strange shapes. The sound of the bats and the dim lighting that are there and you may scare you more details on Arab travelers.

The largest caves in Bursa:

Bursa Cave or as it is known as the Eulat Cave, where the magic and natural beauty take off, the forests and rivers that surround it everywhere, the rivers that run, fallen waterfalls, charming views, and many hot baths and mineral springs, this place that everyone goes for recreation and rest, and this cave is located On 60 km from the city of Bursa, there can be a full day to relax and enjoy, or stay in any of the hotels or small resorts that exist.

Tourism in the Cave of Turkey:

  • The Cave of Eilat in Bursa enjoys its eye-catching beauty, as there are wonderful colors in it and there are many strange rocks, and tourists often visit them in order to take some memorial photos, and they are intended by tourists during the months of the year, due to its moderate temperature throughout the year.
  • Due to its location between rocks and inside the mountain, this matter helped to isolate the cold and heat from it, which helped to moderate the air inside, as the temperature inside the cave ranges between 14 degrees to 18 degrees throughout the year.
  • Sulfur springs abound, which made many tourists visit.

Things to do in the cave:

  • The presence of stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave abounds in a remarkable way, which is ideal for taking some wonderful memorial photos there, besides that the cave is surrounded by a wonderful green area that is intended by many for recreation, relaxation and enjoying watching the external waterfalls around it.
  • After completing the unique tour inside the cave, it is advised to go to any of the restaurants located near the cave to enjoy a delicious meal amid the charming nature.

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