Anatolia is one of the most important tourist areas in Turkey, as it is a mountain peninsula located in the west of the Asian continent, where it overlooks the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by both the Marmara Sea and the Aegean Sea as well as the Black Sea, and it is considered one of the most distinctive areas of Turkey that many tourists visit annually. Especially those who love mountain nature, because it contains many civilizations of the ancient world, from the Romens, Hittites, Seljuqs, Armenians, Ottomans, Greeks and Byzantines, and when arriving to Anatolia for tourism, the first thing that preoccupies the visitor with is that he resides in a place that suggests the architectural and artistic heritage that distinguishes the Al Anadolu from others, due to the enjoyment of this region of the Anatolian Houses Resort, stone hotels, historical Kababukia and Anatolia Resort, which we will discuss in our article today on Arab travelers.

Anatolia Homes Resort:

  • Formed over millions of years ago by volcanoes and by erosion, volcanoes, and waters that flooded the Cappadocia heritage area, all of this helped to shape the landmarks of a region that many civilizations punished, forming 30 of them underground cities in this region, and Anatolia Homes Resort is located among the unique caves that exist In the historical Kabaokia region, and although it is not considered the only resort in the region and filled with stone hotels, it has its unique splendor, as it exclusively presents the traditional Turkish lifestyle but in a sophisticated form, where there are regular stone west and luxury rooms and other suites for Locke.
  • Anatolia Homes Resort provides all its visitors a wonderful stay between the historic Cappadocia caves, which is considered a witness to many civilizations that Anatolia witnessed through its long history, as it provides them with a great opportunity to discover the traditional life of the ancient Turks, through five types of rooms that have been carved inside Five caves located next to each other, and this west includes 13 luxurious rooms, 9 regular rooms, 6 suites and 5 royal rooms. All rooms in the resort were equipped with a number of ancient furniture and many artifacts dating back centuries, which gives a rich look The traditions of the Turkish people from Various eras, so that guests live in a unique atmosphere of beauty, art and history and gain a strong impression of the greatness and originality of ancient Turkish art. Room rates start at the resort starting from 45 euros to 285 euros.
  • Despite the location of the Anatolia Resort in central Turkey, it is easy to reach, as if it is located in a coastal area, the distance between it and Nevsehir Airport is only half an hour by car.

Activities provided by the resort:

  • The activities available in Anatolia Homes Resort correspond to the nature of this place, where we find among the most prominent activities there are balloon trips that provide the tourist with a better view of this environment, which was considered to be the place of many peoples that lived with it and ended thousands of years ago, as the balloon rises to the tourist to Higher up to a height of 500 meters, with a calm atmosphere above the terrain and trees that characterize Cappadocia, to see green valleys and caves and see the canyons.
  • The resort provides the traditional Turkish bath. In the form of the bathroom building, the building has preserved the character of the historic buildings that have characterized this resort since ancient times, which is the availability of a fountain in the middle of the house and there are rooms around it, the first of these rooms is cold water, and the next room the water is cooler As well as until the arrival of the steam-filled algae, so that it works to open the pores in the skin, and move from one room to another until the completion of all stages of the Turkish bath, which usually takes two hours of time.
  • Safari trips where there are jeeps provided by the resort for safari trips, so that the tourist can enjoy seeing pigeons and play groves and scenes of lemon stores and ancient Romen castles, and watch the peasants while they grow mushrooms in the caves, at the end of this wonderful trip is eating a meal in the honey valley, then back For the resort.
  • Provide great recreational trips on horses and this trip lasts for 4 hours, in which the movement between many regions, until going back hundreds of years ago.
  • The resort has all the amenities of luxurious restaurants, swimming pools, traditional Turkish food with authentic Ottoman taste, and the provision of sweets and grills, so that visitors are guaranteed an integrated and more than wonderful stay.

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