Munich is located in the German city in the southern part of the country, and overlooks the Essar River. It is estimated by an hour only an hour between them and the Alps, and Munich is the third city in terms of area. With a location in the heart of the European continent, history has become an important point in the country’s history.

Munich has a prosperous economy, thanks to which it has become the richest and economically strong city in the country, as it is carried out by a number of the largest factories and companies, including the BMW company and Siemens Electricals, and it is also home to fashion and culture as it hosts headquarters for a number of stations and more than three hundred homes To post.


Munich occupies a space of 310.43 km2 above the high plains in the region of Upper Bavaria, and its height above sea level is about 520 meters, and more than 1,494,608 people reside according to the statistics of 2006.

The city crosses a number of rivers, including the Forme River and the Essar River, and the city is affected by the continental climate due to the proximity of its location to the Alps, as it registers annually a high percentage of rain precipitation, and blows the city with warm fon winds, so the temperature varies between night and day in the summer and winter .

Tourism in Munich

The German city of Munich is considered an international tourist destination due to its embrace of a number of historical and cultural monuments.

Grand Residency Palace

The date of the opening of the palace dates back to the year 1385 AD and is located on the outskirts of the old town, and the palace is a museum among the existing museums in Europe, and among the most prominent museums that include the treasury, the Cavelius Theater, the Priesting Palace, the Holsteinstein Palace, and the Prince Karl Palace.

The boulevards and royal squares

Among them is Brenner Avenue, which takes the classic style, and extends its area starting from the northern outskirts of the town where Odeon Square is near the Residences palaces, Ludwig Avenue, Maximilian Avenue and Prinsstrejpenten Avenue, while the palaces are among them the Nymphovenburg Palace and is considered the presidential residence of the Baqari ruler for several long years, and is considered a destination Tourist is very important.


Munich hosts more than three hundred churches, mixed with architectural arts from various architectural schools, among them St. Petri Church, which is located near Maryam Square in the city center and is considered the oldest church in the city, and its construction dates back to the romantic era.

In addition, the Frauenkirch Building, St. Michael’s Church, the Thetenkirch Church, Bergerskirk, Dervalteget, and the Cathedral Church of Our Lady.


Among these museums:

  • The German Museum, which is considered one of the major international museums, and its area extends to more than fifty thousand square meters, and tourists from all over the world come to see natural history, and embraces sailing ships and a number of nuclear models and space capsules.
  • The National Museum of Parvia, and its construction dates back to ancient times, such as the Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance, and displays a number of ivory works.
  • Munich City Museum.
  • Museum of art paintings.
  • Art House.
  • BMW Museum.

Other parameters

  • Maryam Square: This center is centered on the center of Munich, and I carried this in relation to the Maryam column that mediates the square.
  • Olympic Stadium: In this building, old architecture blends with formalism in functional and technical tasks, and is considered a center for breaking records in sports.

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