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Tehran is located in the state of Iran, which is the main capital of the country, and extends along latitude 35.41 to the north, and longitude 51.25 to the east, and extends along the foothills to the south of the Alborz Mountains, and the high-end neighborhoods in the city of Tehran are located in the high southern areas of the Alborz Mountains.

Residents of the city of Tehran

Tehran is inhabited by more than 8.5 million people, differing in their races and the sects to which they belong, and includes a large proportion of the Persians, Iranians, Turks and Kurds, in addition to the Iranians of Arab, Armenian and Lurian origins. Immigration from rural areas to the capital in search of job opportunities and improving the economic situation to This great population diversity.

The importance of Tehran

The importance of the city of Tehran is that it contains the largest percentage of industries and factories in Iran, including the chemical and electrical industries, in addition to a large number of textile, cement and sugar factories, and facilities for nuclear development, as well as it contains a large number of universities, theaters, public parks and museums, as it contains On a number of archaeological palaces dating back to the era of the Pahlavi state and the Qajar period, the most famous of which is the Al-Marmar Palace and the Koshk Ahmed Shahi Palace, while its most famous modern facilities are the Azadi Tower located in the middle of Azadi Square, the largest square in Tehran, and is considered the most important symbol of the capital .

Means of transportation

Several streets of the capital, Tehran, were developed to include a sophisticated and modern network of streets and major highways, but a number of its streets are still suffering from severe congestion due to the loss of tunnels and bridges. Tehran residents depend on buses to travel within the city and its suburbs, and buses are also available. Transferring population from Tehran to other cities and provinces, as well as containing the headquarters of the railways that link all the provinces of Iran, and includes two major airports, the Imam Khomeini Airport and the Mehrabad Domestic Airport.

Difficulties faced by the city

The streets of the city of Tehran suffer from suffocating traffic crises most of the time, in addition to the high rate of air pollution in the city, which resulted in a large proportion of its population suffering from various respiratory diseases, and the causes of air pollution due to the emission of large quantities of toxic gases from nuclear reactors located near the city And the city threatens to be exposed to strong earthquakes at any moment, due to the deep seismic rift, and the government made several proposals to solve these problems, including the construction of a new capital, but the project was postponed due to its high costs.

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