Young people are always eager to discover what is new around them, just as they seek to travel, change and renew to get to know the cultures of nations, we will present in this article beautiful tourist places in the Philippines that many are ignorant of despite its ineffable beauty, which deserves attention as it is an archipelago component 7107 An island of natural wonders that allows you to enjoy and discover.
It is a republic located in southeast Asia, west of the Pacific Ocean, and it is made up of 7107 islands, and is divided into three main geographical divisions, namely (Luzon, Bisaya, and Mindanao) and its capital is Manila. Quezon is the most populated city, and cultures and customs vary throughout the islands. The Philippines, as it is one of the countries that combine eastern and western cultures, and is influenced by Asian, American and Spanish cultures, and this diversity of cultures reflects on the Philippine cuisine, so that the cuisine is mixed with Malay Polynesian and Hispanic, Chinese, American and Asian cuisine, and that blended with the local components A Filipino dishes are distinct, as they prefer dishes with strong flavors, but it is not as hot as with their neighbors.

Climate of the Philippines

The climate of the Philippines is a tropical climate, and it is one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world, and the hot summer season is from March to May, and the rainy season is from June to November, while the cold dry season is from December to February, and the Philippines is exposed to many Types of dry monsoons and monsoons, temperatures range from 21 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius, although they rise or fall from season to season, the coldest month is January, and the hottest month is May.

Transportation and communications in the Philippines

With regard to transportation and communications in the Philippines, there are many means of transportation such as buses, Jibni, taxis, and motorcycles with three wheels, and there are also train services by three major railway networks, and there are marine transportation as it is located on the Pacific Ocean, and many seas, islands and rivers, either As for air transportation, there is a major international airport, and many other important airports, and Filipinos communicate with each other or with the world through many communication methods, such as: cell phones, text messages, as well as using the Internet and Internet. Also, communicate.

Tourist places

The Philippines is the paradise of God on earth, in which there are many tourist places as well as picturesque landscapes that relax the soul, and send in the same tourist comfort and reassurance, so many tourists prefer the Philippines over any other country, because of the different cultures and beautiful scenery, including:

  • The promised islands of the archipelago: You can discover these beautiful islands in the archipelago, where you enjoy in picturesque areas of color, and is one of the few tropical paradise on earth, which has not yet been discovered from the beaches.
  • Wild Horse Zone: It is a region located in Sagada, where it is the home of hundreds of wild horses, and when the tourist is on his way to embark on a journey in the dense tropical forests, you will enjoy an enjoyable experience, especially if you love nature.
  • Evogao: an amazing region, located on a gentle slope of rice terraces in the midst of the high mountains. It is an impressive site and has been included in the World Heritage sites (UNESCO).
  • National Chocolate Monument Hill: It is located in Bohol, in the Visayas region, containing 75 islands, and contains hundreds of western, cartoon-like hills, which are few cliffs and symmetrical, no more than 100 meters high.
  • Puerto Princesa: It is a national park, about 15 miles from Puerto Princesa, chosen from the seven wonders of the world in 2012 where the mysterious river was discovered in boat tours and enjoy the sounds of underground waterfalls.
  • Boracay Island: It is a small island in the Western Philippines, and it has stunning emerald green waters.
  • Surigao: A beautiful area of ​​Mindanao Island that has a wonderful natural beauty, with the enchanted river and waterfalls, and can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Philippines.

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