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Kish Island

It is one of the Iranian islands that was established after the incident of the flood of Prophet Noah, peace be upon him, and is administratively affiliated to the province of Hormuz, with a population of 22,650 thousand people, according to the statistics of 2006 AD, and the ancient Arabs called it the island of Qais, and it was described as a consumer paradise, and it is characterized by containing Many malls, and malls.


Important things to know about Kish Island:

  • Area: Its land area is 91.5 km2, i.e. 35.3 sq miles.
  • Geographical location: It is located geographically in the middle of the Arabian Gulf, specifically between several countries such as the Sultanate of Oman, Persia Iran, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as away from the land of Iran a distance of nineteen kilometers.
  • Astronomical location: Astronomically located at a latitude of 26 degrees north of the equator, and a longitude of 53 degrees and 58 minutes east of the Greenwich Line.
  • the climate: Its climate is sub-tropical.
  • Landforms: Its terrain is flat without mountains, and the hills are high.

Tourism on the island of Kish

The island contains many elements of tourism; such as hotels ready to receive tourists, good transportation, trade and shopping centers, archaeological and historical monuments, strategic location, security and political stability, as it ranks fourth in terms of the most beautiful islands in the world, and its tourist attractions:

  • The historical city of Harira: It is one of the unique tourist places on the island because its history dates back to eight hundred years.
  • Greek ship: It is located on the southern shore of the island, and is a wreck of a cargo ship dating back to 1943 AD.
  • Carys City: It is one of the most important monuments that have remained from the ancient Iranian era, which are tunnels dating back two thousand years and located underground.
  • Deer Park: With an area of ​​two hectares, it is located next to the Aquarium, and contains many animals such as goats, sheep, monkey, gazelle, fox, deer, horse, lion, and bear.
  • Dolphin park: It is located in the southeastern part of the island, and has an area of ​​one hundred hectares, part of which opened in 1379 AD, and contains several sections such as the Department of Diversified Plants, the Bird Department, and the Department of Dolphins Ponds. To this day, construction and development is still ongoing, where a future section will be opened in it. For hotels, children’s games section and butterfly garden section.
  • Aquarium of life at sea: It is located on the Arabian Gulf, in which the various marine neighborhoods are seen.
  • birds Garden: It contains more than fifty-seven species of birds such as African penguins, pelicans, storks, ostriches, and parrots.
  • Other parameters: Among them are the bicycle club, horse track, beaches and water park.

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