Tourism news globally, Minister Bisher Yazji, Minister of Tourism in Syria stated that despite the difficulties the country is going through, it witnessed more than a million tourists from different countries in the past year, despite the spread of the war in Syria, where statistics indicate that Russia saw 1.4 million tourists of nationalities Different in the past year, which means that 60% of tourism in the past year was foreign tourism.
The Minister of Tourism notes that all foreigners who came to visit the country during the war period were not subjected to one scratch or any harm. They were insured by the tourism companies, which provided them with everything they needed to enjoy the atmosphere in Syria, especially those coming for the purpose of business tourism.

The Minister of Tourism in Syria notes that the country faces the difficult challenges of the conditions of war and destruction that it is experiencing at the present time with a solid heart, and its role or strength does not stop at that, but at the same time it wishes to turn the difficulties into opportunities to rise from them.
The Minister of Tourism notes that none of the foreign or multinational investment companies withdrew from Syria despite the war, and that religious tourism is still operating in the country and many Arabs intend it despite the war for this West.
On the plan owned by the Ministry of Tourism in Syria, the Minister said that they have put together a complete plan in order to be able to withstand the current challenges and keep pace with events, and the development of tourism in Syria as much as possible with the great development taking place in the world of technology and tourism activities at the present time.

Tourism News Worldwide Putin signed a decree stating the resumption of various flights to Egypt from Moscow

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has signed a decree stating that flights will be resumed regularly between Egypt and Moscow, and it is one of the promising matters that will increase tourists’ visit to Egypt.

North coast in order to increase international tourism

The North Coast region is one of the finest areas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and it is one of the favorite tourist destinations for the local people in Egypt in the summer, and it is equipped with many tourist villages in the northwestern part.
The North Coast gained great fame as an internal tourism in the country, and many Egyptians find it the best place to get a tourist resort with excellent service and affordable prices, but at the same time the North Coast did not gain enough fame on the world stage, which is what the country seeks as it launches large campaigns to raise awareness of the landmarks The many tourism on the North Coast and the various activities that the tourist can participate in in addition to the different services it provides.
Spain is one of the countries that are based on tourism on the shores of the Mediterranean, which means that the prospect of a successful marketing for the northern coast and tourism in it is sure, of course, there is no difference between the northern and southern Mediterranean.
With regard to its stance in this regard, the Ministry of Tourism has decided that it will put the recreation plan for the northern coast internationally within its priorities in the coming period and will seek to do huge projects and expand investment operations in the northern coast in order for tourists to accept it, which will increase employment opportunities for young people in these important projects, which You will return a lot of hard currencies to the country, which will definitely boost the economy.

Russian tourism news:

Russian airline increases flights to Egypt:

The Russian airline known as “Pobeda” is thinking of reducing the price of its tickets for traveling to Egypt, and this came from it as a desire to participate in the competition regarding travelers from Russia to Egypt.
Pobeda is trying to stay in the competition among the cheapest airline tickets to travel from Russia to Egypt as a kind of developing its own airline network, and it is one of the most promising Russian companies that started its flights in the year 2020 AD, and makes many trips to various parts of the world such as Germany, Cyprus and Spain.
She indicated that this possibility is still under study and negotiation, and it is expected that it will be broadcast within three months.

Tourism news in Sharm El Sheikh:

Cyprus fails to compete with tourism in Egypt:

The Cyprus Cyprus website confirmed Cyprus’s inability to compete with the Arab Republic of Egypt in terms of tourism, as recent statistics indicate that tourism in Russia has decreased by up to fifty percent from last summer, with many competing countries in tourism, especially Egypt.
The site points to the inability of Cyprus to compete with the natural tourist attractions that Egypt enjoys from Cyprus in addition to the fact that prices in Egypt are cheaper and it is easy to stay in Egypt in a five-star hotel for only $ 30, which is impossible to achieve in Cyprus.

Tourism news in Hurghada:

Hurghada before tourists from different countries of Europe and the Arabian Gulf:

Hurghada is one of the most beautiful countries bordering the Red Sea, more than 238 thousand tourists from different countries have come to them, including more than one hundred thousand tourists from Germany and 22 thousand tourists from England in addition to a huge number of Russian tourists, and trips are made on a weekly basis from different The rest of the world to Egypt this month.
Tourism in Hurghada is in a great recovery, as tourists come to it overwhelmingly for the next few months thanks to the beauty of the climate. Foreign tourists have come to visit both Hurghada and Marsa Alam overwhelmingly because of their suspicion of visiting the country of Turkey at the present time because instability in it is not Egypt, which today enjoys great security, safety and stability in various institutions, which is what the tourist desires.
Thomas Cook makes weekly flights from Bristol to Hurghada with a comprehensive and integrated tourism program, which has led to a significant recovery in foreign tourism within Hurghada in the current period.

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