What is the capital of the Mediterranean island of Corsica

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Ajaccio city

The city of Ajaccio (in French: Ajaccio) is the capital of the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean, and it is located specifically on the western coast in it, and astronomically it is located on the latitude (41.93), and on the longitude (8.73), knowing that it rises above sea level nine Twenty meters, and the capital Ajaccio is classified as the largest city on the island of Corsica in terms of population, with a population of 54,364 people. It is worth noting that Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the most prominent historical figures who have emerged from this city, it is his birthplace.

A brief history of Ajaccio

The city of Ajaccio fell under the control of the French state in 1768 AD, knowing that in the period between the years (1793-1811 AD) it was the capital of the department of Lemon, which is one of the departments of Corsica, and later when Corsica was divided into two regions – and that in 1976 AD -, Ajaccio has become the capital of the department (Corse de Sud), or South Corsica.

About the economy of Ajaccio

The industrial sector contributes to supporting the economy of the city of Ajaccio, where some light industries are widespread, in addition to the manufacture of aviation components, and the city’s commercial port – which is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea – has a clear role in its economic growth, but the tourism sector is the most prominent, The most important thing is to support the economy of this city, as it depends to a large extent on tourism and its attraction to visitors.

Tourism in Ajaccio

The capital, Ajaccio, has the confidence of many tourists who travel to it from all over the world, to enjoy seeing its magnificent bay on the shores of the Mediterranean, and visit the intertwined streets of the old town, as well as the house in which Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 AD, which was later converted. A museum; to perpetuate its memories, in addition to many monuments, and historical sites that tourists can visit in this lively city; it contains some art museums, and archaeological castles.


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