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Stewart Island

Stewart Island is located in southern New Zealand; it is the third largest island in it, more than 80% of the island has been designated as a park called Rakyora National Park; most of which are forests, visiting Stewart Island allows tourists and visitors to explore the wild side of New Zealand, where Organizing trips to the island, mostly outdoors, and there are many activities, such as: hiking, camping and bird watching, and some of these trips take several days to enjoy the beauty of the place and explore as much of it as possible.

Uraki Park

Aoraki Park is located in the heart of the Southern Alps, and it is one of the highest peaks in New Zealand, where a visitor can see the beauty of the Alps and the Arawaki National Park which is also called Mount Cook National Park. Glaciers cover more than 40% of the park area. It has several mountains and rivers, which makes it an ideal place for mountain climbing, in addition to this the park is known for its diversity of plants and animals, as there are more than three hundred species of plants and forty types of birds.

Kaikoura coastal village

The tourist village of Kaikoura is located between the mountain range of Caireoka in southern New Zealand and the Pacific, and is an attractive place for lovers of wildlife and wild birds, in addition to lovers of seafood, this village is characterized by its charm and the beauty of its nature, and the visitor can take walks on the coast or take a tour to watch Whales, seals, dolphins and a large group of birds.


Doing skiing is essential for those who visit New Zealand, where there are many resorts designated for that, the tourist can choose what suits him best, ski areas are located in the north of the country more than others, and even beginners practicing this sport can enjoy it because there are places for different levels, and more Popular places to ski is the fields south of Cardona Island.

Playing rugby

Rugby matches are held in New Zealand in several places in early June, and this sporting event attracts thousands of fans of rugby, especially supporters of British and Irish teams, where they are in New Zealand to encourage their favorite team, there is also a regular set of matches between different teams of sports Rugby throughout the winter season, which encourages tourists interested in sports to visit it at this time of the year.

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