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Turkey – the country of Anatolia – is one of the most important tourist destinations in all parts of the world, as its geographical location, and its geographical nature helped it to obtain this characteristic, and the distinguishing mark in its classification and occuAl Bahahn is the highest and highest places that are drawn to attention by the tourists of the whole world.

Turkey is located in terms of the geographical location in the north of the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea, which is characterized by the moderate climate and its multiple natural manifestations of different types and different types, in addition to the element of attraction, which is very important, as it contains two basic apartments in its beauty, the historical side on the one hand , As it contained its ancient and modern history many civilizations that left many features, fingerprints and places that still preserve themselves despite the succession of years on them, and on the other hand it contains the aesthetic aspect in terms of formality and what is meant by the nature of what the eye sees with the beauty of nature A stunning addition to the customs and aspects of Turkish heritage who still cling to the people of this country in all aspects of joy, sadness, events and holidays multiple them.

Turkey’s most beautiful tourist cities

Among the most important Turkish cities, which are considered one of the destinations and attractions to visit, and not the other:


(Minarets City): This is how some insist on calling it the abundance of minarets in it, as it contains many mosques and ancient historical architectural shrines that have been built throughout the ages, and it is considered one of the most famous and most beautiful Turkish cities, and some call it the city of magic, beauty, and elegance in all its different manifestations .

Istanbul has the pleasure of shopping with it, due to the quality of the goods that are produced in Turkey, and the simplicity of the prices in it. Istanbul has what is called the Grand Bazaar, which is a large market that contains thousands of shops, kiosks (small stores) and street vendors, where Many heritage products are sold out of porcelain, beautiful embroidery, jewelry, and many many things that come to mind for any seller who bought them, so dear reader, when deciding your decision to visit Turkey, you must prepare a long shopping list for you and those you love from Istanbul and the Grand Bazaar in it.


It is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to the southern side of the Turkish country, where rare cases come from tourism to Turkey and does not visit this wonderful city, as it contains many luxurious hotels, an amazing coastline, and amazing historical places with its ancient and ancient, in addition to many Places that are important attractions in the city because of the excitement and pleasure in climbing, and walking in the places of natural scenic paths and long.

Antalya is characterized by its attractive climate, mild, summer and winter, which distinguishes it by attracting tourists throughout the year, and in all four seasons, and all the reasons and features that have been mentioned combine to make it a leading and distinguished place in global tourism, and it has become a competitive place on the level of continents, and Antalya enjoys a beautiful coast In addition to Duden waterfalls, which consist of two beautiful sources (Kirkguzler and Penarbazi), a large number of beautiful caves that can only be reached through a narrow spiral staircase behind the waterfall.

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