The country of Bangladesh has many tourist places in Sylhet, such as: tea gardens and picturesque tropical forests. The city was called Srihato in the past and the residents of this city are called Siluti. This city is considered one of the most famous cities that attract tourists to enjoy the natural scenery. It is written in Arabic in several forms, including: Sylhet or Sylhet and Sylhet.

Tourist places in Sylhet:

1. Keane Bridge:

The Keen Bridge is one of the landmarks in the state of Bangladesh and is visited by many tourists, and the bridge is located in the holy city of Sylhet, and the bridge is also considered a gateway to the city of Sylhet. The bridge was built in 1936 and was named this name after the English governor of Sylhet Michael Kean. Building the bridge over the Sorma River, which gave a wide reputation to this bridge, as its function was to help people cross the Sorma River, making it easy to transport merchants with their goods inside and outside the city. We advise you to visit the bridge during the evening where you can take a stroll along the Chandigat Park which is located Below the bridge is on the right side, where the residents visit pain Lyon and tourists this park to sit and drink tea with surf newspapers amid calm!Tourist attractions in Sylhet ... Enjoy tropical forests in the largest city of Bangladesh!Keane Bridge – The Keane BridgeKeane Bridge - The Keane Bridge Keane Bridge – Read also: Tourism in Bangladesh … the most popular attraction!

2. Khadimnagar National Park:

One of the most famous tourist places in Sylhet is the national park and attracts all lovers of the green color! It was called the Khedimnagar Forest Reserve (a tropical forest) which extends over an area of ​​1676 acres. The park is located 10 kilometers from the city of Sylhet on the highway, a park Khedimnagar is one of the most important protected areas in Bangladesh, due to the wonderful biodiversity you can see there. You can go there by bike or by walking but I advise you to go walking if you are physically fit so you can enjoy the landscape. Khadimnagar National ParkKhadimnagar National Park

3. Osmani Museum – The Ottoman Museum:

The museum is located 10 km from the center of Sylhet near the Sylhet International Airport. This small house dates back to the era of Ottoman colonialism. The museum was originally built as a memorial to a famous fighter and is the chief of the liberation war fighters in Bangladesh during the era of Ottoman colonialism, you can go to this museum At your convenience, but it is best to go in the morning to enjoy the greenery in the middle of the museum. You can find a children’s park next to the museum because the place may not be very fun for them. Osmani Museum - Ottoman MuseumOsmani Museum – Ottoman Museum

4. Adventure World Amusement Park Sylhet

Adventure World is an amusement park located near the highway near the international airport in Sylhet, and you can find a hotel 6 km away from this amusement park, you will definitely enjoy your way to the amusement park where you will find stunning views of the tea gardens. Adventure world is a place where you can find It has a great deal of entertainment for all ages, where you will find children enjoying with their families, young people challenge each other to ride games, and the elderly will find them enjoying calm and getting some relaxing moments amid the green spaces around the amusement parks.Adventure World Amusement Park Sylhet - Sylhet World AdventureAdventure World Amusement Park Sylhet – Sylhet World AdventureAdventure World Amusement Park Sylhet - Sylhet Adventure World Amusement Park SylhetAdventure World Amusement Park Sylhet – Sylhet World Adventure Read also: Tourist attractions in Dhaka ..

5. Jaflong – Jaflong:

Gavlong is one of the most important natural tourist attractions in all of Bangladesh; it is about 60 km from the city of Sylhet or Celit and one of the most important features of its location is its proximity to the tea gardens. The river has some colorful rocks from the Himalayas and surely you can gather some! Enjoy this great view!Jaflong - JaflongJaflong – Jaflong

6. Srimangal – Sri Lanka:

If you want to see the natural beauty, you must visit Sri Lanka, where the weather is beautiful and it is the famous tea garden and it is called the tea capital in Bangladesh. Srimangal - Sri LankaSrimangal – Sri Lanka

7. Madhabkunda waterfall – Mahdabkunda waterfall:

One of the most famous places in Celite is the Mahdabkonda Waterfall which is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh with a height of about 61 meters and it is located in the Molfebazar area, and the waterfall comes from the high mountain peaks, which makes you see the flow of water with the sun’s clearness! It is located 5 km from the Kachenbach railway station. You can go to the waterfall by rail or by bike from the highway. Madhabkunda waterfall - Mahdabkunda waterfallMadhabkunda waterfall – Mahdabkunda waterfall

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