Officially and internationally known as the Turkish Republic, which is a country located in the Middle East, bordering on the north side by Georgia and the Black Sea, and on the eastern side by Iran and Armenia, and on the south by Syria and Iraq in addition to the Mediterranean, and has a group of maritime borders with Cyprus and the Aegean Sea specifically From the western side, both Bulgaria and Greece, and it has an important economic and political position at the global level, in addition to the tourist importance, because it contains the most beautiful cities and monuments; therefore we will address the following in a group of the most important tourist cities in Turkey.

The most important Turkish tourist cities

Many different, and include the following:


Turkey’s official capital, known as the city of beauty, magic, nature and history, is the only city in the world that spans two continents at once, namely Asia and Europe, and a visitor or tourist cannot complete his journey without going to Istanbul and getting to know its treasures, some call it the city of minarets; Because it contains a group of the most beautiful historical mosques, with a rare architectural style, such as the Blue Mosque and the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and they are among the most important religious and tourist attractions in the city, which bustle with spirituality and calm in spite of all the noise, pulse and movement in the city, in addition to the bridge of Turkey that extends over the water It is one of the most beautiful places that everyone who goes to the city likes to enjoy its vision.


Whoever does not visit Antalya as if he never visits Turkey, as it is considered the capital of tourism in the country, where millions of visitors and tourists visit it every year and from all over the world, and it has many beautiful natural appearances, and picturesque geographical topography; therefore, it is the ideal place for those looking for nature And relaxation and relaxation, as well as history and civilization, and is located specifically on the southwestern coastal side of the Mediterranean, and many projects and investments were established in it. Therefore, it has become a major center for tourism worldwide, and the mild climate prevails during the summer and winter; therefore it is considered Optimized to visit at all times and throughout the year.


It was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and still has a great place at the level of global tourist places, is characterized by calm and gives a great feeling of comfort and relaxation, as it is surrounded by a large group of beautiful landscapes, in addition to picturesque bays, and it has a large port and can take a trip through its boats to These bays, and contain an international airport, and has many attractions such as St. Peter’s Church, and a castle that includes an underwater museum.

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