Bali Province

Bali is an island of Indonesia along with the other eight hundred islands, with a population of four million people, and its area is approximately five thousand square kilometers, and Denpasar is its capital, and it includes many islands, such as Nusa Senegan Island, and Bali, which is the center of the province, Nusa Lembongan Island, and Island Nusa Pineda.

Climate and terrain

Bali climate is characterized by its seasonality, which ranges between wet and dry tropical, as it consists of two seasons, and Bali is considered one of the most beautiful islands of the world because it is famous for its scenic landscapes and provides all the elements of tourist attractions in it. Rice and rivers, as well as mountains, especially volcanic, there are also sandy beaches that are covered by white sand in certain areas, and in other areas covered by black sand, examples of which are Sanur Kuta and Candidas Dua.

Traveling to Bali

When a person travels to Bali, he must choose the right time for the appropriate climate to enjoy the trip, and there are two ways to travel, so he takes in the plane from Jakarta to Bali about two hours by air, and he can also reach Bali via the ship, by sea, but it is a way tiring.

The most important tourist places

Bali is visited by many numbers of tourists who aim to enjoy entertainment and recreation, by enjoying the beaches, forests and nature that includes the different plant and animal species, in which the gardens of birds, elephants, reptiles, and butterflies are spread in the markets, which include heritage products such as silver, gold and others that are sold at prices Unified everywhere in Bali, and many mosques are spread in the region due to the Islamic religious character of Indonesia, in addition to the remaining traces of Islamic civilization, and it has a variety of the most luxurious resorts of international standards, hotels and Woes, restaurants and shops, as couples get the “spa” sessions and massage, and a romantic dinner and gifts when you leave the island.

Tourist activities

Tourists practice rowing activities with rubber boats, they also ride bicycles, horses and elephants, in addition to sports activities such as diving and fishing, and you find on this island various activities that suit individuals and groups as well, such as leisure activities suitable for families such as going to the beaches and coasts and enjoying waterfalls and lakes and riding Boats and small ships, and tourism is an important and major source of income in Bali, which is of great benefit to the country’s gross national product. Tourism also provides an opportunity to employ manpower, as it prevails. Citizens in many industries and facilities related to tourism.

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