The tourist places in Chiang Mai are not limited to archaeological temples and historical places only. The city, which is seen as a quieter version of the capital, “Bangkok” is an important source of energy and inspiration for its visitors. It is not surprising to hear about people who went to “Chiang Mai” on a journey that takes days but They decided to stay there for years! In addition to the thousands of visitors who visit again year after year, the tourist places in Chiang Mai are numerous. On the one hand, the city was once the capital of the Kingdom of “Lana” and then it includes a huge collection of monuments and historical buildings, and on the other hand there are dozens of tourist activities that can be undertaken In the city such as visiting night shops to shop, attending cooking courses in the traditional Thai way, and nature remains the most prominent tourist attraction in the city.

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Tourist places in Chiang Mai

Tourist attractions in Chiang Mai

(Prathat Doi Suthep) Temple You cannot visit Chiang Mai’s attractions without looking at this city’s most important temple. The importance of the temple is mainly due to its location above the top of a mountain to meet the beauty of design and the magnificence of the scene. The temple also includes a large group of statues of “Buddha” sacred to some communities in Thailand, but on the other side, the trip to the temple is a favorite tourist activity for many tourists. . You can go to the temple by climbing mountains, using local transportation (songthaew), or even by motorcycle.Tourist attractions in Chiang Mai
Doi Pui Village If you are a fan of learning about ancient civilizations and diving into the depths of human experience, the tourist places in Chiang Mai will not miss you with a special experience as well. Visiting the “Dew Boy” Village inhabited by primitive mountain tribes will give you a real and very close view of the lifestyle Popular in Thailand, whether in terms of customs, traditions, clothing, food or general culture. Read also: Bangkok Visit Guide The pleasure of visiting “Dew Boy” village is not limited to the cultural aspect only, as it is possible to spend a long time between green mountainous plains that contain different types of plant appearances, And eat Local restaurants scattered in the village, you can also shop handicrafts from the local population.Tourist attractions in Chiang MaiNight shops The bazaars called “bazaars” are among the best places to spend time in Chiang Mai; they are not limited to buying and selling but also offer offers of local culture and heritage as well. One of the things that can be enjoyed while visiting the Chiang Mai night markets Attending live performances of the Thai-style fighting that take place on “Chang Klan” Street or just take souvenir photos in traditional Thai attire. With many things that can be done in the Chiang Mai bazaars keeps shopping indispensable. With a little bargaining, you can To get many valuable souvenirs. The tourist places in Chiang Mai are many and varied, and every tourist finds what he is looking for. Therefore, the city is suitable to be a family shrine with distinction.

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