It may occur to you that Sharm El Sheikh is a destination for adults, and it is not suitable for a family trip, but you are wrong about that. Besides it is an Arab city, it makes it easier for you to deal and communicate; it includes many interesting family destinations, including water parks, beaches, restaurants, Tourist resorts, desert.

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Here is a tour of Sharm El Sheikh’s attractions for families, fun, and fun that never ends

Dolphina Park

A garden, and a water theme park that revolves around dolphins only, and is considered one of the most famous tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh for families. Shows are held around the clock with four dolphins; Stephen, Stacy, Maria and Mezzo; kind, sharp, skilled. To start with, you can enjoy the Kuriroved Show where; dolphins play a number of acrobats, they can draw for you if you like. After that you go on a fifteen-minute tour with the four dolphins, and you can reserve a whole day in which you can play and train with them. Address: Dolphina Show Mercato, Sha Umm El Sid Hill, Sharm El Sheikh.Dolphina ParkDolphina Park Read also: Tourist attractions of Sharm El-Sheikh

Aqua Blue Water Park

Aqua Blu Water Park is a great place to spend quality time with your children and family. It contains four, forty water play areas, and nine swimming pools, and is considered one of the finest water parks in the world. It contains a large number of fun games, including: The Black Hall, Twister, Tube Free Hall and Kamikaze. Not just a water park, it is also a luxury tourist resort; everything you are looking for will find in it. It includes tennis courts, kids clubs, basketball courts, billiards rooms, and messa rooms. C. So you can rest assured about your children, and do the activities you want. Address: Aqua Park City, Sharm El Sheikh.Aqua Blue Water Park
Aqua Blue Water Park

El Fanar Lighthouse And Beach

One of the best tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh for families. Al-Fanar Beach and Lighthouse is an ideal destination that mixes the enjoyment of the time of adults and children, thanks to the soft, clear beach sands, wonderful waters, and charming sun, along with the picturesque colors of the coral menstruation; This makes it an ideal place to take pictures, memorize moments in memory. You can just enjoy lying on the beach, or go on a diving tour that excels in this paradise. There is also an italyn restaurant that offers delicious dishes and drinks. Address: Al Fanar Street, Umm El Sid Hill, Sharm El Sheikh.El Fanar Lighthouse And BeachEl Fanar Lighthouse And Beach

Terrazzina Beach

A private beach differs from the other beaches of Sharm El Sheikh, and is known for its enjoyable family atmosphere, where endless celebrations and sports are played by adults and children. Unlike the rest of the beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh, which are concerned with swimming, diving, and marine life. The staff are friendly and will immediately meet your needs, as the beach is filled with restaurants and cafes open so you will not have to move away from this pleasant atmosphere. , Sharm El-Shaikh. Terrazzina BeachRead also: Terrazzina Beach Tourist attractions in Alexandria

Ras Um Sid

Another destination for tourist destinations in Sharm El Sheikh is for families where; children can free up extra energy, enjoy endless activities, and you can also enjoy the flow of adrenaline in your veins. Among the activities of Ras Umm Sid; diving, water games, waterfront climbing, competitions Hunting and camel races. There are also a number of open cafes and restaurants that offer delicious dishes, which are characterized by delicious spice flavors. If you are thinking about diving or climbing, you can get your own guide so that you can enjoy an integrated experience. Staff Address: Ras Umm Sid, Sharm El-Shaikh.Ras Um SidRas Um Sid

Coptic Church

The Coptic Church is one of the most important monuments in Sharm El-Sheeh, one of the oldest churches in Egypt, and the world. Characterized by its magnificent design, and the most stunning characteristic of it, this stained glass that creates a magical atmosphere when the light passes through it. And do not forget to use the service provided in the church, which introduces you to the history of this place, and its importance. Title: Religious Nativity, Peace, Sharm El-Sheikh.Coptic ChurchCoptic Church

Ghibli Raceway

A wonderful moment to spend an unforgettable time with your children and your family. Ghibli Pied Piper, a race for Formula One racing cars, but for non-professionals. The friendly staff knows the nature of the race, and there is a team for children. After the training period is over, you can start to the track to enjoy the fun and excitement. Title: Ghibli Racecourse, Sharm El-Sheikh.Ghibli RacewayGhibli Raceway


The Sharm el-Sheikh desert is filled with colorful grooves that spell its beauty. A great place to take family and friends and spend an unforgettable vacation in this charming nature. Enjoy the sight of the skyline, take safari trips, overnight in the wild, climb mountains, rocks. Just make sure you have your own mentor.DesertDesert


A restaurant specializing in barbecue, which is one of the most important tourist attractions of Sharm El Sheikh, due to the delicious food it offers, with its low prices. You can enjoy delicious grilled meat dishes, with your family for a very small amount. The staff is friendly and makes you feel like eating at home. Address: Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh.HabibiHabibi

Old Sharm Town

If you and your family feel bored of water and sand, just take the bus, or taxi to one of the most beautiful places in Sharm El Sheikh for families. The ancient city of Sharm where you can enjoy shopping, and buy souvenirs from clothes to accessories, and artifacts, all at prices Very cheap. Address: Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh.Old Sharm TownOld Sharm Town

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