Tourism in Germany

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Germany is located on the European continent, and specifically in the middle of it, where it shares borders with: Switzerland, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Berlin is the capital of the country, and the official language is German, and its area is estimated at about three hundred and sixty thousand square kilometers, while its population is estimated at eighty million people according to the figures for the year two thousand and fourteen AD, and finally the European euro is the currency in Germany.

Tourism in it

Germany is one of the most important tourist destinations around the world. This country has combined the beauty of nature, the diversity of places that can be visited, and the multiplicity of activities that can be carried out. Hence, tourism in Germany contributes to more than three percent of German GDP. This contribution comes through hotels, distinctive tourism projects, and various facilities. This has been the main German cities lion’s share of the proceeds of tourism, and the most important of these cities: Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dresden, Cologne, Hannover, Leipzig, and others, as Each city contains a Many of the important and distinctive tourist attractions, here are some of the most important tourist attractions in Germany.

Its most prominent tourist attractions

The most important tourist attractions in Germany:

  • Brandenburg Gate: This gate is located in the city of Berlin, and it is one of its most famous landmarks, because it is a symbol that perpetuates the period of division that occurred in this city in the forties of the last century, where this gate was closed for a long time until it was reopened after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and it is also a symbol of Symbols of the German people’s unity after the division ended.
  • Neuschwanstein Castle: This important archeological palace is located in southern Germany, and construction was begun in the late nineteenth century, and work continued on it for about seventeen years, and this place was used as a place to store money to protect it from the Allied attacks during the Second World War.
  • Cologne Cathedral: This cathedral is one of the most important religious and architectural monuments in Germany, and the cathedral is located in the city of Cologne, as it is famous for its high ability to attract tourists from different regions.
  • The Top of Zugspitze: is the highest German summit, which is located on the famous Alps to the southwest of Garmisch and to the north of Tirol, and it is estimated to be about three thousand meters above sea level, and the southern side of this summit contains many caves, in addition to that Its watersheds include glaciers or ice cream.
  • Museum Island: This name is given to the northern part of an island located in the Shabri River in Mattei in the city of Berlin, and it has been named by this name because it includes five museums that have won international fame, and these museums are: the Modern Museum, Pergamon Museum, the National Heritage Gallery, and the Boda Museum, And the old museum.


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