Do you want to visit Istanbul with your children? What are the most important places to visit? What are the entertainment places that you will not spend your time in and your children will feel a lot of fun and enjoyment We will learn about all of this in detail on the website of Arab travelers.

Tourist plan for Istanbul with children:

Istanbul is one of the favorite cities for child tourism because it contains many archeological sites that will greatly enrich your children’s information, and at the same time it contains many dazzling entertainment places that children will love. Below we show you the most important places to visit with your children.

Rahmi M Koc Museum:

  • One of the most beautiful museums in Istanbul, which dates back to the nineteenth century.
  • In the Industrial Museum you will find many impressive places that your children will surely love, including the antique cars that celebrate in the place. Your children will have a lot of fun while climbing to it.
  • The museum has a real booth that can be seated inside, you can ride an interesting submarine or participate in real science experiments.
  • There are great restaurants in the museum if you feel hungry and want to taste the famous Turkish food for its dazzling taste. Do not hesitate to visit with your children to add more fun to your tourism program.

Basilica Tank:

  • One of the most interesting places in Istanbul is an ideal destination for adults and children.
  • The basilica tank is a large place where there is a wonderful groundwater, and it is an impressive place for architecture as it contains more than 336 columns made of marble in order to support the ceiling.
  • What makes this place so interesting for children is that the rays of light flow magically to it, making it poetic and dazzling at the same time with falling water droplets.
  • You can walk around the place and see the various wonderful places in it, even the high sidewalks that will enable you to see the angle of wish, giant carp and even children’s favorite jellyfish.

Princes Islands or Princess Islands:

  • Your children will feel a lot of fun and liveliness during your visit to Princes’ Islands, which are several islands located in the Sea of ​​Marmara, which follows the province of Istanbul in Turkey.
  • The most exciting thing about the islands is that horse carriages, bicycles or motorbikes are the means to move from one place to another. You will not be afraid that your children will experience an accident because there are no cars in the city, which makes your visit its own character.
  • You can move freely from one place to another, and roam the streets with fine weather. Whether you like to walk or ride a horse, you will feel that nature is all around you.
  • If your kids are old enough, they can ride bikes, use them to navigate the island and discover more about them.

Bosphorus cruise:

  • Who does not like to board ships? Wouldn’t that be cool? You can take your children and take a tour to the Bosphorus.
  • Tours on the lake through a river boat will be very enjoyable as it will bring you to the Asian side at very cheap prices and bring you back again. There are also long trips to the Black Sea.
  • The most suitable time for cruises is in the summer time in the evening where the weather is very great.

Train ride on city tour:

  • Most young children, especially boys, are fond of trains. You can take a tour of the train that will accompany you for a walk around Istanbul. Tram and clothing for his crew dating back to the beginning of the last century, it is a unique experience to enrich your children’s knowledge of the fragrant history of Istanbul.

Galata Tower:

  • It is one of the greatest and most beautiful tower in Istanbul with a height of sixty meters. Climbing to the upper porches will bring a lot of joy to your children’s hearts. You can also reach the night floor to see Istanbul differently, as the tower allows you to see a panoramic view of the capital in a dazzling and charming way in its night atmosphere.

Best entertainment venues in Istanbul:

Miniaturk park:

  • Istanbul is a really great city, but a little big for your kids, so why not take it for granted? This is what this impressive garden does.
  • In the miniaturk park there are miniature models of the most important Ottoman and Anatolian monuments in the city.
  • Everything is miniature at a ratio of 1:25 from the original size, this will enable your children to visit all their favorite places differently.
  • The garden area reaches 150 thousand square meters, while the whole place has an area of ​​more than 60 thousand square meters, which makes it one of the largest parks and miniature models in the world.
  • In the park there are many other activities including a children’s playground, an original-sized chess board and a maze to add more excitement to your children’s time.
  • The garden is open for everyone from 9:00 in the morning to 5 in the evening. And the duration of her work in the summer.

play n learn for more fun:

  • Your children will feel a lot of vitality and activity and learn more during their visit to this impressive place.
  • Many different activities that will allow your children to learn during fun through an environment carefully prepared for different ages of children.
  • Among the great activities for children include putty toys, hand art, and the popular dollhouse for all children and many things that range from simple to very lively and energetic. Your children will be surprised when they see 3D dolls and want to take pictures with them.
  • It will not be difficult to visit play n learn in order for your child to gain more information and expertise in a healthy and healthy way. It is located behind the German Hospital and you will need to walk five minutes from Taksim Square to reach it.

Istanbul Aquarium:

  • Istanbul Aquarium is located in Florya, within walking distance of Istanbul International Airport, and is a bit far from the city center.
  • Your kids will love seeing the fish of different colors and dazzling shapes in the aquarium, and you will also feel a lot of joy and joy as you wander around the aquarium and see the huge fish ponds.

Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art:

  • It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul, which displays many fixed art groups or temporary exhibitions periodically.
  • These art galleries will not attract the attention of your children, but there is certainly something for them. The exhibition creates an interactive section for children between the ages of six and 12 years, so that they can learn more about the history of art and love them in a very entertaining way. It will surprise you to know that every Thursday Thursday, Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art opens its doors to everyone for free.

The Military Museum:

  • Your kids will definitely love seeing the weapons they used before during wars.
  • The Military Museum is located in the former military academy, and it contains many weapons that soldiers have used over time, even hand-made and dating back to the ancient Ottoman era to the weapons of World War II. It will definitely be the best destination for your children.

Shopping malls in Istanbul:

  • Shopping centers are one of the best destinations in Istanbul for adults and children, and they contain entertainment places for children to play and have fun, and many festivals with wonderful and popular events are organized for children.
  • Many shopping malls in Istanbul have ice rinks, and you will love to visit them, whether adults or children. You will never get bored in shopping centers.

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