As we all know that Turkey was present in the Ottoman Caliphate for about 600 years, of course there was an enormous number of Arabic manuscripts and manuscripts in the old Ottoman language. These manuscripts are a national revolution alone with Ottoman Diwani history and some of them contain messages between the ruler and the governor and some of the manuscripts contain On the Noble Qur’an and honorable hadiths, of course some lovers of manuscripts and see ancient Arabic calligraphy flock to Turkey in order to enjoy watching that, so we find that the People’s Library of Archaeological Manuscripts called Mellit plays that role.

It is one of the most beautiful documentary libraries established by Sheikh Islam al-Sayyid Faizullah Effendi in 1112 AH in the year 1700-1701 AD, i.e. at the beginning of the eighteenth century to preserve the Ottoman cultural heritage, with the beginning of the twentieth century a major sabotage occurred in the library which led to its demolition and converted into a garden But the elders and Sheikh’s lovers intervene to construct the library once again. The demolition was stopped by Mustafa Khairi Effendi, with the reconstruction of the city again since 1916 AD in 1334 AH.

The library consists of 2189 valuable manuscripts donated by the Sheikh to inform the public also about 16 thousand books or more and have been converted into a public library for all since 1924 There are Libraries of Rashid Effendi, Jarallah Effendi, Hakimoglu Ali Pasha, Bertao Pasha in addition to the Library of Faizullah Effendi, books of these libraries were collected in the popular library “Milliyet” and converted into the largest public library of documents and manuscripts in Turkey. In 1962 books returned were transferred from the Waqf al-Sulaymani to the library and in 1981 it took the form it now has in the Lalli region and They called it the People’s Library and the library is now managed according to the Ministry Turkish endowments and libraries such as Murad Mulla, Adel Sultan, Yusuf Pasha, Hakimoglu Ali Pasha folklore in addition to Abu Bakr Pasha Yawis Salim and Zambili libraries were linked to Effendi for children in that library and all manuscripts and heritage books were transferred from the Sulaymaniyah Library to it in 2000 to be expanded more widely The library provides its services to researchers and those interested in studying Ottoman history.

Modern books have been transferred to the ownership of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and a specialized research library has been created to study the entire Islamic history and Ottoman history in particular and provide its services today under the name of the People’s Library of Archaeological Manuscripts, admission is free and the dates of the visit are daily except for holidays from nine o’clock in the morning until the hour Five o’clock in the evening, there are also modern library services such as photocopying and withdrawal of documents. Skinner, but not all documents. There are pictures of a number of documents that the library gives only to researchers to preserve the Ottoman heritage and preserve manuscripts in the library ..

Perhaps the library is a beautiful opportunity for researchers and those interested in history, lovers of documents and scholars, we find that the manuscripts are divided into three sections a special section for the sultans and a special section for the ministers and a religious section for scientists so you find religious manuscripts and political manuscripts and not only a flood of Effendi is the one who cared about collecting manuscripts such as Asad Effendi And tenth of Effendi, guardian of religion Efendi, and Atef Efendi, and a group of women emerged that collected the manuscripts of the Tarshan Library, Saliha Khatoon, Asma Khan, Gelnoush, and Bartonial, and many libraries called “Mother of Paşa” and were collected under the name of the library of the mother of the Sultan, so The library is not the first of its kind in The Ottoman Empire was a series among a number of other libraries, all of which gained the same popularity on the part of manuscripts and documents lovers.

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