The Eureka Falls is located in the city of Marrakech in Morocco, and Eureka is one of the most important tourist attractions in Morocco, it is a large valley of green space that tourists go to enjoy the natural scenery and enjoy many of the distinctive tourism activities.

About Eureka Falls

– Eureka is a large slope valley located on a river and has many wonderful tourist areas, as this waterfall rises to about 1000 meters above the ground. When you reach the maximum height, you will enjoy swimming and with your hobby you can eat all the fresh and beautiful drinks in order to enjoy A recreation trip.
– Once you get to a specific place in the waterfalls, you will find many fertile farms and lands and next to it many wonderful towering mountains, just as you will find there is a camp not at a high altitude from Ourika, but it is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world, as there is a lot of inside it Products that you may need throughout the day.

– There is also a market that has international fame where there are all the products that you may search for, and this market is famous for hearing the voices of the sellers explaining their products, and there are also pets that you can buy quickly and easily, and all this is at Eureka Valley and it is distinguished that it is also inside it all Colors and types of plants worldwide.
– And when you delve deeper into this valley, you will find that there are many joyful forms through which you will find that inside you a lot of joy and positive energy, and that the people of the city of Marrakech are among the most beneficiaries of the existence of these waterfalls by the villages from them, and they visit them a lot, especially with moderation Weather to get the most enjoyment.

Attractive tourist places in Ourika

– There are many places that you can visit in Eureka shawls, and there are places that support reproduction in the valley from the inside, as they have discovered a place called spices in the Ourika Valley but who loves and attracts to the wonderful beautiful scents you should enjoy seeing the aromatic organic garden.
You can also see the architectural garden and also the saffron, which is one of the most important tourist places that people and tourists go to grow plants, which specialized in operating the rudder. During this trip you can learn about the secret of gathering and harvesting rich and useful spices, which are considered to be seasonal crops.

And there there at the last point of the Ourika Valley it is called Siti Fatima, which is considered a very small village but it has many high-rise mountains that surround it and is the most popular place in the whole place, and from there you can climb on the mountains to see the beauty of the waterfalls, and this village is distinguished It has the basis of organic plants and rich in medicinal substances that help in treating many diseases.
At the end of the trip, you can see sitting in Ourika camp, which is small in size, but inside it there is a market with products that are rarely found elsewhere, and inside it there is a garden called a mountain garden that has a lot of rare and different plants in everything and inside there are also many plants dedicated to perfumes Rare, these perfumes of all kinds are romantic, sugary and fun other than crazy perfumes.
There are a lot of torrents in this place in abundance and this causes a great danger in this region, especially in the winter season. In the past, a flood occurred in this area in 1995, and this torrent killed about 40 people.

Hobbies you can have in Eureka Falls

– One of the most important hobbies that you can practice is the sport of climbing, there are a lot of mountains that you can climb, it is very enjoyable and one of the most important climbing areas in the world. Also, near the valley there are mountainous areas such as Okaimden, this place for sports lovers in the winter, they climb on high mountains Fun, especially in the months of April and October, and there are many paths that you can walk to reach what you want, and the paths are:
First, the Okaimden and St. Fatima track.
The second track is Imlil and Seti Fatima.
The third track is the Ocmeyden Imlil.
And all these paths move your feelings and your heart to love this place and get attached to it, so Eureka Falls is one of the most important places that you must visit at the earliest time to enjoy all these landscapes.

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