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Asilah is a small, identical city where brightly colored murals decorate the walls, and the old fortified coastal city is a vibrant and enjoyable place where the cultures of Spain and Morocco merge, wander into the old city and discover the creativity and vibrant traditions of every street. The seaside promenade provides the ideal location for a slow pedal Beautiful cafes and ocean views.


This cool and exciting summer city is a place where the local tourists crowd during the summer months, the Lucas River in the city of Larache slowly passes through the city, and the amazing ruins of Lexus are located nearby, where the legendary Hesperides Gardens are said to be located, and the Spanish part of this city is still Alive, don’t be surprised by stumbling across tapas bars and Spanish churches.


Hugging between the high Atlas mountains and the beautiful sands of the desert, the amazing city of Tinghir is located in the middle of the Tudra Valley, and Tinghir is an ancient French city that has grown into a city overflowing with flower gardens, a magnificent reed and charming narrow streets, overlooking the remains of the 18th-century Glaoui Palace, where You can walk to the top of the mountain for great views of the surrounding areas.


The idyllic coastal city of El Jadida is a popular tourist resort for Moroccan residents. The sandy beach is crowded here in the summer months, where families enjoy relaxing together, and the city itself does not have a wealth of personalities and can be explored on an easy daily trip from Casablanca, wandering around the Portuguese reservoir that dates back to Sixteenth century and go to the sites from the top up on the fences.


Charming Chefchaouen with famous gigantic buildings with blue color and surfaces decorated with red tiles, is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco, surrounded by stunning mountains and hidden narrow paths in the city and the old squares and reeds (and means “castles”) with lots of photo opportunities in every corner, and with A mixture of Moroccan and Andalusian influences, this city is a bastion of creativity and development, it is also the ideal place to spend a few days enjoying delicious food, chatting with locals and adventure in the surrounding hills.


In the north of the country lies the small city of Tetouan, which is known as “the fountains of water” amazingly at the foot of the Rif Mountains, and the city is an important port on the Mediterranean and was once the capital of the Spanish Maghreb, and its streets are filled with square buildings of white and seductive in the Spanish style and streets Wide.

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Everyone knows the city of Casablanca as a colonial site for the romantic movie of 1942, but today the city does not reflect this dreamy and fascinating feeling. Instead, modern Casablanca is a commercial power, and the importance of the coastal city means that it is the economic hub of Morocco, and you can still stroll around the center of the city of Casablanca Ancient antics to discover its past, the architecture is nourished with European shapes and styles, and if you really want to return to black and white movies have a drink at Rick’s Cafe.


A gateway to Africa for Europeans at least with a strange and angry past, and the city’s famous international area was a magnet for all kinds of strange and curious characters, as it attracted many writers and artists during the fifties and sixties of the last century, and inspired many novels and songs since then, and it is still Tangier today adheres to its imaginary past, and the external influences have affected the aesthetic of Tangier, but with the prosperity of new business and the flow of money, the city has witnessed great development and is now a good show for the future of Morocco.


The busy and bustling coastal city of Agadir is a destination for holidays in itself, and after a large part of Agadir was destroyed in the wake of the devastating earthquake of 1960 and especially the most historical parts of the city, the city was rebuilt, and it is less beautiful than many complex old cities in Morocco, But Agadir has risen from the ashes and has become a thriving coastal resort, and the city’s cozy seaside promenade on the beach is ideal for days outing and enjoying life like the locals.


Essaouira is a quiet coastal city with a distinct European character, and it was once under French protection which led to a mixture of cultures and architectural styles, and hippies, musicians and travelers from 1960 witnessed the move to the city, and as a result it became accustomed to foreigners and is now a destination city for travelers who want to spend some Time to walk around the beautiful city.


The Moroccan capital Rabat is located on the banks of the Bouriik River, and is famous for its amazing Islamic architecture, and the city also enjoys strong relations with its French past, as it is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and enjoys the atmosphere of a distinct European coastal city, and the Kasbah of Rabat is located in the fortified city center, it is a great place to sit and enjoy the atmosphere Take a walk to St. Peter’s Basilica and enjoy the exotic and surreal Art Deco style, then enjoy a nice cup of mint tea in one of the many cafes.


The history of the ancient city of Meknes dates back to the eleventh century, and was once the capital of the imperial Morocco, and the Sultan at that time developed the city, building high walls and huge doors to protect it and the construction of ornate buildings in the Moroccan-Spanish style, and the historical mix of the city between European and Islamic design can be seen in its features Numerous, and the tomb of Sultan Ismail who made Meknes his capital is a royal display of power, with fountains and ornate gardens.

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