Travel advice to Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Travel advice to Bosnia and Herzegovina .. This is the country that mixes the eastern and western atmosphere, this state emerged from the history of the Ottoman state, and tourists still link this country to the civil wars that happened in the past, so you will find many tourist places that focus on this period, most of Tourists remember the warmth of this country with its beautiful mountains and its medieval castles, but it lacks a bit of beaches and instead you will find waterfalls that overlook the natural landscape. These are some tips to help you on your next trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Travel advice to Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Your stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia has a developed tourism infrastructure, despite the relatively low levels of tourism. You can easily book (Pension, B & Bs, and hostels), online or by phone, in case you drive a car around the city. Famous and best hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Hotel Kapetanovina: This hotel offers large and modern rooms, and on Steps away from the heart of the historic city of Mostar. There, healthy breakfasts are served, and room rates range from € 50 (£ 46) to € 65 (£ 59), including breakfast and free WiFi. Hotel President Tuzla: The rooms there feature elegance and varied 5-star amenities. Hotel guests can enjoy the conveniently located bar, which gives you the enjoyment and a wonderful time in the evening, which is an ideal location for drinks. “Tuzla International Airport” is a 20-minute drive from this hotel. Also read: The cost of tourism in Bosnia .. the cheapest among European countries and one of the most attractive countries

Mobility in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The buses there will give you the opportunity to move wherever you want, but it can take time to plan if you want to go anywhere, but the city of “Sarajevo” and “Mostar” have two buses that go daily to the small cities. Both major tourist cities such as “Mostar” and “Sarajevo” you can walk around on foot and enjoy it with ease. If you need a taxi ride to the city center, expect to pay the equivalent of € 10-15.

The best time to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina

May to September is the best time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is hot and sunny summer, and winter is relatively cold.

Safety and Security

Crime rates are low there, especially crimes against tourists. Pickpocketing in crowded areas and public transportation are the biggest threats you may face, so you should always check your personal effects including your passport.


Street arts festival in “Mostar” (in spring), Sarajevo Winter Festival (in February and March), Jazz Festival in “Sarajevo” (in November).

Major airports

SJJ International Airport (SJJ) is the main airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you are traveling to or from the city of “Sarajevo” during the winter, you must make sure that you have enough money if you have to extend your stay, as many airlines You will not be responsible for residency due to the delay caused by bad weather.


The water there is safe and at the same time unsafe. Sarajevo has secure tap water and very strong food safety measures. In rural areas, where the water is not safe, so you can bring a reusable bottle with you and refill it with safe water.


Now most hotels and hostels in Bosnia and Herzegovina offer free internet. Here are some spots where you can find free Wi-Fi in “Sarajevo”: (“McDonald’s, Fast Food Arci, Caffe slastičarna” Palma) Read also: The best Bosnian folk cuisine in Sarajevo

the money

Most transactions in Bosnia and Herzegovina are in cash. The local currency there is the Bosnian Mark. ATMs accepting Visa and MasterCard are available in major cities.

the food

This region of the world is considered a difficult place for vegetarians, there is a culture of eating meat is essential, but it is easy to get fresh food from the market. Cows) BegovaČorba (This Bosnian soup is widely consumed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it contains vegetables and meat) Baklava (it is a type of pastry and is a pastry that contains sweet nuts and honey).


It is polite there to take off your shoes before entering any home, even if the host tells you: You do not have to enter the house with shoes. Drink a cup of coffee with a person before entering into an important discussion which is a basic preamble in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Smoking is considered acceptable in Almost anywhere.

Traveling with children

Focusing on the history of war and sports that require adventure, Bosnia and Herzegovina is not the first destination you can think of for children, but it will of course be an unforgettable experience. Although there are a few beaches, but also there are many places that contain swimming places (in summer only) such as: “Ilidza Thermal Riviera”, and some new shopping centers such as: SCC in Sarajevo It contains play areas and coin-operated toys. If you are bringing a child with you there, you should not bring baby carriages, because the sidewalks there are rough and the streets are pebbled, and they can be replaced using shoulder-mounted baby carriers or baby carriers that Carry on the back.


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